New Integration With SRS Distribution: SRS Ordering Tools Now in AccuLynx

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Building estimates and placing material orders for a busy roofing business can take up a significant portion of your time. Improving the efficiency of your estimating and ordering will help your business focus on sales and growth.

To help you streamline this process, AccuLynx is introducing a new integration with SRS Distribution, a network of industry-leading local roofing distributors. With this integration, AccuLynx customers who use SRS will be able to access and apply their specific pricing to estimates and contracts, as well as submit material orders directly to SRS.

Instead of logging into another system or manually uploading material prices, you’ll see pricing and material information directly in AccuLynx, updated in real time. The SRS integration in AccuLynx lets you manage every aspect of the estimating and ordering process with the roofing CRM software you use every day.

How the SRS Distribution Integration Works

AccuLynx customers can start using the new integration by selecting “SRS Distribution” from the Add-Ons page in AccuLynx and authenticating their SRS account. From there, you can select your default branch location and confirm other available branch locations.

Here are a few things you can do with the SRS integration in AccuLynx:

  • Access SRS products in AccuLynx with the ability to view and order materials
  • See real-time pricing and available products by branch location during the estimation process
  • Create digital material orders and submit them directly to SRS for processing, as well as attach relevant order documents to the order
  • See real-time order status and delivery updates, including proof of delivery photos, in the related AccuLynx Job File

Why Use the SRS Integration in AccuLynx?

Faster, More Accurate Estimates

You can now apply your specific SRS pricing automatically whenever you create an estimate. As a result, you’ll be able to pull together more accurate estimates that reflect the true cost of your materials, and you won’t get bogged down by having to look up pricing or manually upload prices into AccuLynx. The SRS integration will help you speed up the estimating process while also improving precision, especially when combined with the other powerful estimating tools in AccuLynx, such as aerial measurement integrations and digital estimate templates.

Streamlined Production Process

With the new SRS integration, every step of the production process can be completed in AccuLynx as part of the same seamless workflow. Instead of printing out, calling in, or faxing orders, you’ll be able to create digital material orders with just a few clicks and send them to SRS Distribution without leaving the AccuLynx platform. This makes the ordering process more convenient and efficient. And just like any other material order in AccuLynx, you can build SRS orders directly from the estimates you create, saving you even more time.

Greater Visibility into Orders

When you place an order with SRS through AccuLynx, you’ll be able to track that order and see the status in AccuLynx, whether you’re at the office or in the field. Once materials are delivered, you’ll get photo documentation of the delivery directly in the related job file. Your whole team will be able to stay informed about the status of your orders, reducing miscommunications and helping you keep customers and crews updated.

Join Us for a Webinar to Learn More About the SRS Distribution Integration

AccuLynx and SRS Distribution hosted a live walkthrough of the new integration to help you understand how it works and demonstrate the benefits of ordering from SRS through AccuLynx. To view the recording, register here. You can also reach out to your AccuLynx Customer Success representative with any questions about the integration.

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