5 Roofing Industry Trends You Need to Know

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As a roofing contractor, it’s important to keep up with what is happening across the industry so that you can remain competitive in your market. As the leading provider of business management software for the roofing industry, AccuLynx keeps a close watch on these trends– here’s five we think you need to know about as we head into 2024.

Roofing industry trend of solar roofing.

1. The rise of eco-friendly roofing styles

While asphalt shingles remain the most popular type of roofing, more eco-friendly options are starting to gain traction with homeowners. Whether it be for environmental reasons, the visual appeal, or their longevity, sustainable roofing styles are becoming a major roofing industry trend as we head into 2024. Some examples include:

Metal roofs

The popularity of metal roofing has been increasing over the years. While more expensive, these roofs are longer-lasting and can withstand weather conditions that asphalt roofs do not handle as well.

Metal roofs also make a positive environmental impact– they use recycled materials like steel, aluminum, and copper. Metal roofing also reflects sunlight to help lower the temperature in a house during hotter months.

Solar roofs

Solar roofs are not only gaining popularity for their positive impact on the environment, but because they are also saving homeowners money on electricity bills. States like California have mandated the use of solar panels, and in other states, homeowners may even be able to receive a tax credit to cover installation costs.

As the popularity of solar roofs continues to gain traction, the availability of materials could become a challenge in some markets. However, distributors like ABC Supply have expanded the number of their locations that carry renewable energy products like solar panels to meet this growing demand.

Being knowledgeable about these options to put into sales pitches and respond to homeowners’ requests quickly can help your company make more money off these pricier solutions.

Roofing industry trend Artificial Intelligence

2. Using Artificial Intelligence

Another roofing industry trend that is growing is the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI allows roofers to make data-driven decisions that positively impact their business.

The most beneficial way for roofers to utilize AI is for lead evaluation. This is a new technology for the roofing industry, but if used correctly, it can save contractors time and money chasing down leads and prevent you from pursuing less qualified ones.

A good AI tool can help contractors more accurately predict which leads are likely to close, giving you the ability to focus on the best opportunities. Using permission-based data like demographic, financial, and property-based information, roofers can be more strategic in their sales process.

3. Addressing language barriers

More roofing companies are hiring Spanish-speaking crews, and it is introducing communication challenges. According to the NRCA, Latinos make up 30% of the construction industry. And that number is only predicted to increase.

Roofing companies that implement Spanish translation tools to help eliminate communication issues are seeing higher productivity and less jobsite mistakes. Technology that provides English-to-Spanish, and Spanish-to-English translation communication tools is one solution that contractors are turning to.

abc supply online ordering

4. Increased popularity of digital material ordering

This past year, more and more contractors have preferred to order their roofing materials via electronic portals or their CRM, instead of picking up the phone to call their local branch. Digital ordering enables contractors more flexibility when it comes to where and when they order– and having a digital record can help save time when it comes to understanding pricing and availability of certain materials that are in stock.

Many of the largest distributors offer online portals or integrations with business management software to help make ordering their products easier for contractors.

5. Using roofing software to manage your business

According to a recent poll by Roofers Coffee Shop, 28% of respondents said a CRM is their greatest tech need; 41% said estimating, and 42% said project management. The best roofing software offers all three. Thousands of contractors are ditching their spreadsheets and whiteboards to switch to roofing software like AccuLynx to help run their business from an initial lead to a final invoice.

AccuLynx provides contractors with lead management, scheduling, estimating, customer service tools, reporting, and more to help you keep up with roofing industry trends.

Images of a phone and desktop, screens only. On the screens are the AccuLynx dashboard.

How can AccuLynx roofing software help contractors with these trends

As homeowners’ interests in the type of materials they want installed change, AccuLynx’s integrations with the roofing industry’s top three material suppliers–ABC, Beacon, and SRS–enable you to deliver on these requests, and place all of your orders digitally from one system.

Instead of logging in and out of several programs, including your supplier’s digital catalog, AccuLynx enables you to see real-time product pricing and availability so you can deliver quick and accurate estimates for the eco-friendly products homeowners want.

AccuLynx has also developed Lead Intelligence, an AI-tool that can help you identify which leads are more likely to convert to a customer. This will save you time and money when it comes to pursuing bad leads.

To address communication needs as projects progress, AccuLynx has a Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation function within its mobile Crew App to help contractors easily communicate with their Spanish-speaking crews. Because of this, teams are able to make sure everyone is on the same page and nothing gets lost in translation.

Start using AccuLynx to keep up with roofing industry trends today

As these trends continue to gain more popularity across the roofing industry, it is crucial you’re not only aware of them, but have a way to implement solutions for your business. Schedule a demo today to see how AccuLynx can help your business.

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