3 Residential Roofing Trends You Can Expect This Season

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We’re well into 2022 and are headed straight for storm season. While we’ve seen a number of residential roofing trends predicted for this year – like continued material delays and labor shortages – we’ve identified 3 that are here to stay.

Residential Roofing Trend #1: More Customers Are Turning to Solar

66.5% of homeowners are interested in adding solar panels to their home, according to a survey from Rocket Homes. If you aren’t offering this type of roofing add-on, you could be missing out on additional revenue and turning away eager customers. Plus, solar roofing is typically more expensive, averaging between $60,000 and $75,000 for a fully solar roof, compared to a traditional roof replacement that averages just $8,000. That’s a significant difference that could positively impact your bottom line.

While solar may seem out of reach for many of your customers, by offering financing you can help more homeowners afford this option. This way, you’re able to present the cost of the project as low monthly payments as compared to an expensive one time cost. Roofing software with built in financing tools helps make this easy. AccuFi by AccuLynx provides homeowners with multiple competitive loan offers. Everything is saved in the job file and you’ll even be notified when funds are available.

Residential Roofing Trend #2: Unique Roofing Colors

Owens Corning named Bourbon the roofing shingle color of the year, but we’ve also seen an interest in more unique color choices including blues, greens, and off-whites. If you’re wondering what goes with these modern twists on traditional color choices, SRS Distribution offers “smart” color and product recommendations based on your ordering history.

You can also use AccuLynx to run a report on what materials are popular in your service area. You’re then able to share this information with the homeowner so they can see what options are trending nearby. Once you have your product choices selected, you can easily order materials through SRS Distribution, ABC Supply, and Beacon Building Products.

Residential Roofing Trend #3: Roofing Contractors Are Relying More on Tech

Roofing contractors have moved away from just using pen & paper to run their business. As AccuLynx Director of Operations, Lynn Foster, shared in a recent interview with Roofing Contractor Magazine, “We saw more roofing contractors turn to technology. It’s really become a necessity as opposed to something that’s nice to have.”

Roofing technology, especially roofing business management software, is designed to help contractors streamline their daily operations. Contractors are relying on tools like automated texting, digital document creation & eSign, and online payment processing to better serve their customers. Though there are many one off software solutions with these components, roofing contractors are turning to business management software because it offers an all-in-one solution. Together, these features give them the opportunity to save time, win more jobs, and better manage their teams.

Keep Up With the Trends With AccuLynx

Staying up to date with the latest residential roofing trends can seem overwhelming, but running your roofing business doesn’t have to be. AccuLynx is the #1 business management software for roofers. It’s packed with the features you need to manage every aspect of the job—from sales and production, to supplementing and collections—and everything in between! See how AccuLynx can help you prepare for this busy season by booking a custom demo.

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