Offload Your Roofing Business Paperwork with SmartDocs by AccuLynx

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Today’s world is centered around technology. You can read, surf the web, and even buy groceries from your phone; video chat services like Skype or FaceTime allow you to have meetings with people across the globe; and the world of social media connects people more than ever.

Tips to Reduce Your Roofing Business Paperwork

So, if the rest of the world is embracing technology as a primary means of communication, why shouldn’t your roofing company?

The amount of roofing business paperwork needed by roofing contractors can be staggering – each job your company creates requires estimates, contracts, lien waivers, warranties, etc – and that’s only the beginning. All of this paperwork needs to be properly prepared, processed, filed and archived at the end of a project – creating associated costs for paper, printing, and storage.

This is where technology comes in – programs like SmartDocs by AccuLynx make it easy for your company to eliminate the need for paper documentation and make the switch to digital, opening the door for much greater efficiency and accuracy within your paperwork.

Lighten the Load – Literally!

Switching from a paper-based workload to a digital one quite literally lightens the load – paper is heavy! More than being heavy, it is inconvenient. Paper is easily lost or damaged with nothing more than a mere coffee spill needed to ruin any number of important documents. With SmartDocs, your document will never get lost or ruined. Not only will your roofing business paperwork always be there, but it will be easy to find with a simple search or by using one of the many different sorting features available within AccuLynx.

Easily Convert Your Paper Documents to SmartDocs

SmartDocs template builders make it easy to convert your most used templates or existing paper documents into digital ones. Once your templates are built, these documents are stored in your AccuLynx Account and auto-populate common fields from your database, so your sales teams aren’t wasting time filling out a prospects name, address, and phone numbers – they simply need to access the document from the Job File.

SmartDocs’ ability to do more doesn’t just give you more features, it also cuts out the middle steps, immediately connecting and organizing your data the first time you enter it. This function increases your efficiency and speeds up your work, allowing you to do more.

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Accessibility to Your Documents from Anywhere

Nothing is worse than leaving your roofing paperwork sitting on your desk or at home. With SmartDocs you’ll never run into that problem because you can pull your documents down from the cloud no matter where you are. There’s no need to arrange a meeting to pass on a document or wait for a form to arrive in the mail; digital documents are easy to email, meaning you can disburse information or send a form to a client instantaneously.

eSign Your Important Documents On the Go

SmartDocs doesn’t just fulfill the same functions as old paper documents, it does much, much more. Features like eSignature allow your client to securely sign online paperwork from their email, or right from your phone or tablet in the field. These signatures are backed by time-stamped with an IP address, making them as legal as pen and paper, and backed by bank-level security that stands up in court.

Keep your company up to speed with the digital world and make the switch to SmartDocs, the online AccuLynx feature that lightens your load, keeps your documents safe and accessible, and enables you to do more.

Watch: SmartDocs in Action

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