A Year in Review: New AccuLynx Features and Updates from 2021

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As the #1 roofing software that helps contractors grow their business, AccuLynx is committed to always giving you the best product possible. Over the last year, we have continued adding features and updating the software to improve the product for our expanding customer base. Here is a quick summary of some of the new features and how they can help roofing contractors like you grow your business and profits over the next year and beyond.

Custom Workflow Manager

Gain greater visibility and manage your jobs with the Custom Workflow Manager. Now you can organize your business the way you want to by building a series of step-by-step statuses, time-stamped actions, and real-time notifications for each of your trades. Set permissions and notifications when it’s time to move a job forward, and create customizable checklists, so you miss no essential steps in your workflow.

Financial and Invoice Worksheets

In 2021, we updated our financial management tools to make it easier to create contracts and invoices and give you greater control over your finances. Accessible right from the AccuLynx Job File, the new Financial Worksheet can automatically populate details from an estimate or allow updates to a blank template when the estimate hasn’t already been created. Not only that, the Financial Worksheet has customizable features, such as the ability to add or amend sections to your contact sections. From the Financial Worksheet, you can easily access the Invoice Worksheet. Here, all relevant details are automatically added from the Financial Worksheet to the invoice, with the ability to edit, reorder, or change items if needed. You can schedule and send invoices easily right from here, or set-up progress billing.

AccuFi Integrated Consumer Financing

Roofing jobs, while necessary, can be expensive. By offering financing options to homeowners, the cost of the job will seem less burdensome. With AccuFi, AccuLynx users can speed up that process by eliminating the need for homeowners to go to a bank to get a loan. AccuLynx now offers financing directly from the job estimate. In just a few minutes, the homeowner will receive competitive loan options they qualify for without affecting their credit score. The fully integrated AccuFi feature is 100% free for AccuLynx users and contains no hidden fees.

New Integration with SRS Distribution

Early this year, AccuLynx announced a new integration with SRS Distribution. This allows AccuLynx users to easily access a catalog of SRS Distribution products, see real-time pricing and availability by branch location, submit material orders directly from AccuLynx to SRS, and receive automatic order status and delivery updates. Instead of navigating multiple websites or making a call to your rep, having all of this in one place within AccuLynx speeds up the estimating and ordering process. Also, it helps reduce user error and eliminates the need for double data entry.

New Mobile Camera App

The new Mobile Camera App is free to AccuLynx users and provides easy-to-use tools to edit, tag, view, organize and share job photos and videos from anywhere. The app is accessible with both iOS and Android and is designed to synchronize seamlessly with your AccuLynx account. AccuLynx users can easily capture high-quality photos and crop, rotate, add text, use the drawing tool, or add useful stickers before uploading them to AccuLynx. It is possible to tag individual photos, or an entire batch, to help keep photos organized and easily accessible for the whole team. Images are easily shareable by selecting the individual images or album and sending the content through email, text message, or AccuLynx job message.

Job Photo Activity Page with Photo Management Features

With the Job Photo Activity Page, AccuLynx users can now see all their company photos in one easy-to-access place, create job albums, store, share, and manage photos more easily. From this page, contractors can filter images by date, search photo tags and descriptions, edit pictures directly from the page, and the ability to move, download, or print images. The Job Photo Activity Page, designed to keep users updated on jobs quickly and easily, is accessible from the AccuLynx dashboard.

Integrations with Zapier & GAF

AccuLynx now integrates with Zapier and GAF, which provides a seamless way to sync your lead data within one system. The Zapier integration saves time by letting users create workflows that automate data transfers among thousands of business applications. With the GAF integration, AccuLynx users who already incorporate GAF leads now have the ability to directly import those leads into AccuLynx, giving them access to their qualified leads without having to log in and out of multiple programs.

Web to Lead Form

The new Web to Lead Form feature seamlessly transfers website leads into AccuLynx. You can embed a custom form on their website that automatically creates a lead form in AccuLynx once a visitor fills out the form. This saves business owners time by no longer sorting through submissions or transferring information from a different program.

Start your year off right with AccuLynx

Make 2022 your year of growth by investing in the #1 roofing software for roofing contractors. With all these new features and tools, AccuLynx is the right choice to help you increase your revenue and work more efficiently. Check out a custom demo to see how these features can help you reach your 2022 business goals.

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