Keeping Your Crews Busy During the Roofing Off-Season

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Compared to the busy chaos of the spring and summer seasons, the roofing off-season can feel agonizingly slow. There are not as many jobs coming in and it feels like you are stuck in the office all day long. It’s a painful time of year, especially for your roofing crews.

The off-season does not have to be this slow, however. With the extra time available, it’s the perfect season to get to work on things that you’ve been putting off or brush up on important skills. There are many possibilities to help your crews stay busy during the fall and winter months. Here are just a few of them.

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Training and Certification

During the off-season, you can encourage your employees to get new certifications and participate in training programs. These programs are more than just ways to occupy employees’ time. When your employees participate in certification and training, you are actually advancing the quality and experience of the company.

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Employees with more tools and knowledge will help raise the company’s reputation and make your business more attractive to prospective clients. It is also a great way for employees to advance their career and to stay up to date with all the latest roofing technology and trends. So consider material manufacturer certifications, online OSHA classes, or nationally recognized education training courses. It all adds up to a better customer experience, more qualified employees—and a useful way to spend slow off-season days

Provide On-Call Service

Another way to stay busy during the off-season is to create an on-call service program. This type of program would allow customers to contact someone from your company at any time, asking questions and receiving service on a per-call basis. Having an on-call service program helps boost the number of jobs you get during the slow season.

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Homeowners love the idea of having their problems evaluated immediately. Customers are more likely to seek help for problems they might otherwise put off when they know they can immediately reach someone. Minor damage repairs, nagging questions, and other small issues can easily be resolved for customers and establish a reputation for great customer service. And best of all, an on-call service program can be continued throughout the busy season as well, making you available to customers for their concerns year-round.

Attend Industry Events

Roofing industry events are a great way to stay busy during the off-season. There are plenty of roofing expositions and events during the winter, so look into attending a few to learn more about what is happening in the industry.

At roofing events, you’ll find booths from emerging companies, displays of the latest technology, and information on the newest trends in the industry. Events range in size and type of vendors, so you can always find an event that fits what you’re looking for. Well-known industry events include the International Roofing Exposition and the MRCA Conference and Exposition, but roofing events happen all over the country, and there may be ones in your area that would benefit you and your employees. Event organizers plan conferences for winter because they know you’ll have more time to attend—so be sure to take advantage of whatever events you can.

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The off-season may be short on big repairs, but it does not have to be slow and unproductive. Encouraging your employees to get certified and to participate in training courses, setting up an on-call service program, and attending roofing industry events are all great ways to make the most of your time. The most important task in the off-season is to keep yourself and your crews working and improving. Even when business is slow, you can advance your company and keep making profits, and you may find that the off-season is productive in a whole new way.

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