3 Tips to Make Your Neighborhood Canvassing More Efficient

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Knocking on doors can be an intimidating concept for new and experienced roofing sales teams, especially when the expectation to produce is high. Neighborhood canvassing, keeping track of potential leads and closing deals on the spot can get messy without the right system and tools in place to manage the process effectively. More efficient canvassing processes mean less time spent at every home, and more potential profits for your company – so check out these 3 tips to help your sales teams succeed.

3 Neighborhood Canvassing Tips for Roofers

Zero in on the data you want

Technology can help your teams collect loads of information. However, you might not want or really need all of that information cluttering up your data on a job. Spend some time clearing out the extra information before going out to pitch so that you can focus on what you really need to do the job. By refining the data you are working with first, you save yourself time searching for information later on. Using this technique is helpful because each salesperson can customize it to fit their sales style, or you can set a standard for your company to encourage a more systematic approach. Required fields on digital forms can help ensure they’re asking the right questions to get the information they need.


Improve Your Sales Speed: 5 Ways to Sell More Jobs With Fewer Site Visits

During the busy storm season, everyone in the field is looking for ways to improve their sales speed. Faster sales means you have time for more jobs, and having more jobs leads to more profits, and more profits benefit your company as a whole.


Strategize your approach

The next step in improving your neighborhood canvassing efficiency is maximizing the potential of your sales team. Randomly assigning jobs to individuals on your sales team will not yield the most closed jobs and is not an efficient method. Instead, assign your salespeople jobs to that play to their strengths so that they are more likely to clinch the deal. Their pitches will sound more convincing if the are talking about a topic they feel like an expert on, or to a client they can relate to.

Assigning houses near each other is another strategy that can increase potential. Your salespeople can fit more houses into their day if they don’t have to trek around in between them. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to select a few house near each other that you believe to have large potential for a job, and then have your salesperson canvas all of the area in between and around them, going up and down streets as they do so.

Be prepared

When your salespeople walk up to a house, they should be ready with all of the information needed to seal the deal. This sometimes means doing legwork before they approach the homeowner in order to prepare.

They should know the previous information on the house and homeowner if it’s available, come with any necessary aerial measurements, pre-filled documents, and understand what state the house is in, in addition to basic information about the owner or renter, etc. Using programs like Sales Rabbit can give you and your teams complete control over the opportunities in your area, mapping out your progress and enabling you to be more strategic with your time and efforts. Anything that could help your teams better answer a question or direct their pitch should be ready in their back pocket.

Targeted information will help them touch on issues that a homeowner will respond to, such as previous work done or parts of the building that will need replacing soon. Their knowledge of the house will help establish trust with the homeowner.

Efficiency comes from maximizing the amount and quality of work done in a certain amount of time. By refining all of the collected information on a house and showing up to the door ready to use it, your sales teams cut down on the time it takes to do the work. By strategically assigning areas to your salespeople, you can squeeze more potential out of each person, increasing the quantity and quality of your work in the same timeframe.

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