How to Run a Successful Roofing Business in 2021: Lessons From Top Contractors

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The start of a new year brings new opportunities, as well as new challenges, for your roofing business. How can you prepare your business to achieve greater success in 2021 and build on what you’ve already accomplished?

These three roofing contractors were able to grow their businesses, increase their revenue, and get more done using AccuLynx. The things they learned on the road to success can help your roofing business have a more productive and profitable 2021. Here are three stories from top contractors that provide valuable insight into how to run a successful roofing business.

How to Run a Successful Roofing Business with CRM Software

Roofing Success Story #1: A Newcomer Hits the Ground Running

Cayne Roofing Arkansas was founded in 2020. But despite being brand new to the roofing scene during a very challenging year, the business is off to a strong start and is already turning a profit. Dave Bellomy, the owner of Cayne Roofing Arkansas, attributes this success to his decision to manage his business with AccuLynx right from the beginning:

“AccuLynx made it possible for me to create robust processes for my roofing company using a single system. Being a new business owner represents a lot of risk, because you don’t know what’s going to work. Having AccuLynx helps me reduce that risk because it’s a proven technology.”

By taking advantage of the built-in processes in AccuLynx, new business owners like Dave Bellomy don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to figuring out their own workflows. Our software features simplify everything from adding a new lead to getting paid for a completed job, saving time and allowing contractors to start working efficiently right away while learning how to run a successful roofing business.

AccuLynx also helped Cayne Roofing Arkansas start turning a profit and growing revenue within the first few months of being in business:

“AccuLynx allows me to handle more transactions sooner than I otherwise would be able to do, without having to hire more people. Because AccuLynx is making it possible for me to handle more jobs at one time, it’s a great investment, and it’s having a big impact on my profitability.”

Roofing Success Story #2: $8 Million of Growth in One Year

Stay Dry Roofing, a Midwest-based roofing company, wanted to expand their operations and grow their revenue. Company president Josh Lyon knew that the best path to achieving increased, sustainable growth was adopting new technology that would help the business stay organized and work more efficiently:

“I would not be able to breathe if we were just using paper and folders. Where would we store pictures? How would you save everything? Where do you centralize that? Not having a roofing CRM is not an option.”

In AccuLynx, every piece of information related to your jobs, from photos to documents to messages, is stored in digital job files. You don’t have to worry about loss or damage to your paper files—all your information is secure in the cloud. And since everyone at your company can access these job files from wherever they are, they’ll always have the most up to date and accurate information. Instead of spending time tracking down job details or keeping paper folders organized, your roofing business can focus on selling jobs and providing great customer service.

Interview: How Stay Dry Roofing Expanding Operations in Under 1 Year

There were many AccuLynx features that helped Stay Dry Roofing succeed, but Josh Lyon found a few particularly impactful:

  • The digital estimating templates and integrations with aerial measurement services. “It really simplified the estimating process for our business.”
  • The pre-built reporting dashboards that focus on essential roofing KPIs. “With this increased visibility into our data, we can identify and triple down on what’s actually working.”
  • The mobile Crew App that gives crews access to important job information and improves communication between office staff and crews. “It saves us a phone call every time and allows my production team to know exactly what’s going on in real-time.”

With these features and more in AccuLynx, Stay Dry Roofing was able to see major growth in a short period of time:

“Last year we did about $7 million between residential and commercial, and this year we’re on track to do $15 million. We have been able to increase our sales team. We are pushing forward, and growing.”

Roofing Success Story #3: Improving Customer Service

Watkins Construction Group is committed to providing the highest quality service to their customers. The company recognized that using a roofing CRM system like AccuLynx could boost their customer service even further and help each employee perform their job functions more effectively.

Video: Ryan Bell Shares How AccuLynx Boosts Customer Service & Increases Productivity

One of the many ways AccuLynx has helped Watkins Construction Group provide better customer service is through increasing employee accountability. As sales and marketing rep Ryan Bell explained, “We set tasks for ourselves in AccuLynx to remind us to follow up with customers as their jobs move forward.” With these built-in reminders, it was easy to check in with customers all throughout the process, answer questions as they arose, and prevent errors.

AccuLynx has also improved the communication between Watkins team members in the field and those at the office. With the AccuLynx Field and Crew apps, employees at the job site can check in, upload photos of their work, and view instructions to help them stay on task. This helps every team member do their work more effectively:

“I don’t have to be at the job site to check in on how work is progressing—I get notifications through AccuLynx that help me stay on top of the jobs from wherever I am. This frees up my time to focus on sales instead.”

Using AccuLynx to manage their business has not only had an impact on their productivity, but has also impacted their bottom line:

“Because of the ways that AccuLynx has helped us focus on customer service and deliver a great product, we’ve seen more referrals and our business has really grown since we’ve started using the software.”

Running a Successful Roofing Business is Within Reach

While each of these companies is unique, their paths to success had one thing in common: using AccuLynx roofing CRM software to manage their businesses. Their stories show that the right tools can go a long way towards improving the way you work, and that using a single system to manage every aspect of your business leads to better outcomes for your business as a whole. To learn more about how AccuLynx roofing software can help you grow your business, visit our guide to roofing software. And to hear more success stories from contractors who use AccuLynx, you can find testimonials and case studies here.

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