How to Find Growth Opportunities With Your Roofing CRM

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One of your goals this year is to grow your roofing business. But growth seems easier said than done. How can you find the opportunities you need for your business to keep expanding, build on your current successes, and make the most of your company resources? If you’re using roofing customer relationship management (CRM) software, you’ve already got an advantage. Your CRM system can help you easily identify ways to grow your business—if you look in the right places. Here are a few ways you can use your roofing CRM to find growth opportunities.

Use Your Roofing CRM to See Where Your Most Valuable Jobs Come From

One place to start when it comes to locating growth opportunities is by identifying past trends. Looking at the places where your roofing business has succeeded in the past can put you on the right track to finding successful jobs in the future. In particular, if you’re able to pinpoint the specific locations, trades, and/or lead sources of your most valuable jobs, it’ll make it easier to see where you’re currently having the most success. And you’ll be able to prioritize leads as they come in and pursue the jobs that have the greatest growth potential.

Roofing CRM systems can help you find these valuable jobs and identify specific profit trends. For instance, in AccuLynx, you can use the reporting tool to generate a job profitability report. Within this report, you can drill down to learn more about each individual job, as well as sort by lead source, location, trade, and more to see trends around these jobs. You can focus on trends from just this year, or expand to learn about your most valuable jobs from the past few years.

Armed with this information, you can make a plan of attack for future growth. Have most of your valuable jobs come from online referrals? Maybe it’s time to invest even more in promoting your business online. Do you get the most profit from jobs in a specific area of town? You can consider sending your salespeople there first. Many times, future growth opportunities come from the same places as past successes—so be sure you know exactly where those successes came from.

Stay On Top of Business Trends

Finding your most profitable roofing jobs is only half the battle. It’s also important to identify larger overall trends in your business, stay up to date on performance, and find underperforming areas that you could tap into. By placing job performance in context and understanding the challenges and opportunities your business faces as a whole, you can help the whole of your business to reach new levels of productivity and profitability.

The reporting dashboards in the AccuLynx roofing CRM do more than just help you find your most profitable jobs. You can use them to learn more about many of your other KPIs and adjust them to focus on whatever is most important to your business. You can even have your reports delivered directly to your inbox on a monthly or weekly basis so you can stay on top of your business trends more easily. This is key if you want to have a more complete understanding of your business performance.

Keeping track of your KPIs on a regular basis will start to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of your current business strategy. You’ll be able to see where you’re performing as expected or exceeding expectations—and where your roofing business could improve its efforts. For instance, when you look at your lead sources, you might be able to find underutilized or untapped sources that could represent new growth opportunities. Or when you delve into your closing percentage, you might learn that you could increase that percentage, leading to more sales. If you feel like the best opportunity for growing your business is trying something new, staying on top of current performance trends is a great way to identify areas that present these new opportunities.

Find Opportunities to Do More Work for Current Customers

When looking for growth opportunities, most roofers focus on how to acquire new customers. But don’t overlook the possibilities of expanding what you can do for your current customers. After all, you’ve already done the hard work of convincing them to use the services of your roofing business. Finding ways to help current customers or increase the value of what you can offer to them can go a long way towards growing your business.

Using a roofing CRM like AccuLynx, you can look at past work completed and find potential customers to follow up with. When you connect with these customers, you can offer to make a repair or upgrade to the work that you did in the past. In AccuLynx, it’s easy to find all the details about a past job or customer—and refresh your memory as to how you can help them best. And whatever work you do for current customers, you can track it in AccuLynx using the production management tools.

Growth opportunities for roofers are all around you. All it takes is the ability to identify them and take action. With the help of a roofing CRM system like AccuLynx, you’ll be able to see how your roofing business can grow, and take the next steps that will take your business to the next level.

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