The Top 10 Reasons Why AccuLynx is the Best CRM for Roofing Companies

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an important tool to help your company grow profits, deliver better customer service, and work more efficiently. While there are many CRM systems on the market, contractors should focus on CRMs that are specific to the roofing industry to avoid having to spend hours customizing software to ensure that it will work for their business.

AccuLynx was designed to meet the unique needs of roofing contractors and equip them to grow their businesses. Here are the top 10 reasons why AccuLynx is the best CRM to help roofing companies succeed.

Roofers working on the roof.

Reason #1: Visibility into every job

With so much to do at your roofing company every day, it can be difficult to keep track of job details, deadlines, statuses, and other important information. Your business needs a simple way to stay organized so you don’t miss out on opportunities or cause delays to your jobs.

The AccuLynx dashboard gives you a glance into what’s happening with your business. With an activity feed, outstanding tasks, and rolling A/R, you can always stay up to date.

In AccuLynx, all your customer information is stored in job files, so it’s easy to find whatever you need. Each job file contains everything related to that particular job, including estimates, contractors, documents, photos, messages and more..

Reason #2: Sales pipeline management

Once a lead enters your pipeline, what happens next? Without a robust pipeline management system in place, it can be easy for leads to get lost in the shuffle or for follow-up to be delayed. It can also lead to confusion as to which team members are responsible for what tasks.

With the custom workflow options in AccuLynx, you can set up a pipeline process to help you manage your leads more effectively, complete with checklists so team members stay informed of their responsibilities and know what steps to follow. By customizing the way your sales pipeline works, you can better allocate team resources to increase your effectiveness and capture, prioritize and track leads more efficiently.

Reason #3: Mobile apps

You and your teams spend a lot of time on the go, whether you’re visiting a job site, canvassing a neighborhood, or meeting with a potential customer. This means that it’s essential to be able to see your job and customer information from anywhere. But with many CRMs (and other ways of managing customer information), it’s hard to get the information you need when you’re away from the office.

The AccuLynx mobile Field App gives you real-time access to all the customer and job information in AccuLynx, no matter where you are. You can use the app to review job details, make updates based on conversations with customers, and even take care of tasks like ordering aerial measurements, editing and sharing photos, sending messages, and much more. With the Field App, you can be productive from anywhere—and have confidence that you’re viewing the most up-to-date information, even when you’re not in the office.

AccuLynx Mobile Crew App. The best CRM for roofing companies

Reason #4: Scheduling and crew management

From appointments with homeowners to scheduled material deliveries and labor orders to job deadlines, the calendar at your roofing company is packed, making it hard to stay on top of what’s most urgent and manage everyone’s schedule. To avoid conflicts and missed opportunities, the best CRM for roofing companies will give you a simple, streamlined way to view your schedule and make changes when needed.

The Production Calendar in AccuLynx shows you every scheduled appointment, delivery, and crew at a glance, so you can keep track of what’s happening and when. If you need to reschedule an appointment, just drag and drop the calendar item to the new date, and anyone associated with that appointment will be instantly notified of the change. You can also use the AccuLynx mobile Crew App to make sure your subcontractors and crews have up-to-date information, like job instructions and project photos to avoid delays onsite.

Reason #5: Material ordering and tracking

Material delays and shortages can cause a massive headache for your roofing business, delaying the progress of your jobs and leading to dissatisfied customers. Using the best CRM for roofing companies can help you stay on top of material delivery dates, ensure you’re ordering from what’s in stock, and keep your jobs on track and on budget.

AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products–three of the largest material distributors, to simplify the material ordering process. You can see a real-time catalog of available materials right in AccuLynx, along with company-specific, up-to-date pricing, and place an order with just a few clicks. Instead of having to wonder when your materials will be delivered, you’ll be able to track their status directly from your AccuLynx account, and you’ll be notified when the delivery takes place. The material integrations in AccuLynx help you stay on schedule, give customers accurate information, and ensure that you have the materials you need to complete the job.

Reason #6: Advanced reporting and analytics

Monitoring key performance indicators, or KPIs, gives you essential insight into business performance so you can make smarter decisions and reach your growth goals. But it can be difficult to find the information you need to assess KPIs, particularly during busy times of the year.

AccuLynx has built-in advanced reporting and analytics features to give you a clearer picture of the health of your business. Our metrics are updated in real-time, so you can identify trends as they’re happening and make strategic adjustments throughout the year. You can choose from a list of pre-built reports and dashboards that focus on common roofing KPIs like revenue, lead conversion, and job costs, or create a custom report to drill down into a particular area of concern. You can even have reports delivered automatically to your inbox so you can stay up to date on KPIs no matter how busy you get.

Man using the best CRM for roofing companies Lead Intelligence Feature to improve roofing sales.

Reason #7: Lead intelligence

Determining which contacts to prioritize can take a lot of legwork, especially if you have a huge influx of leads, like after a severe weather event. This often results in delays in following up with leads and a misallocation of sales team resources.

The new AccuLynx Lead Intelligence feature uses AI to automatically assign a Lead Score based on the likelihood of a homeowner to convert. In just minutes, you’ll be able to identify and sort your most promising leads, allowing you to prioritize the best leads and tailor your sales approach accordingly so you can increase your conversion rate and maximize your sales resources.

Reason #8: Automations

Tasks like sending follow-up emails, texting crews, and assigning tasks to team members can take up a significant part of your workday, and it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks when you have a lot going on. But by using the best CRM for roofing companies, you will not only save time completing these tasks but also ensure that you don’t miss important communication.

With the AccuLynx Automation Manager, you can set up automated emails, texts, and tasks that are triggered by events in AccuLynx, such as scheduling an appointment or marking a job as completed. You can use custom fields to personalize these automations and adapt them to your unique business needs. Instead of having to send the same type of email over and over, like an appointment reminder, or a payment notification, you’ll only need to set up an automation once. This reduces the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks, as well as guaranteeing that you’ll never forget to reach out to a contact with important information.

Laptop with the contractor payment platform AccuPay displaying.

Reason #9: Payment options

More and more customers prefer paying electronically over using cash or checks for a roofing job, so your business needs to be able to offer them these options. In addition, electronic payments save your business time by cutting down on trips to the bank and giving you access to your funds more quickly.

To help contractors offer more payment options, AccuLynx offers a digital payment processing feature called AccuPay. AccuPay enables you to accept credit, debit, and ACH transactions and process them through AccuLynx. Payments can be accepted online, over the phone, or in person, giving your customers multiple options for convenient ways to pay. And you’ll be able to see the status of each of your payments in the related job file, so you can keep track of where your money is and follow up on overdue invoices in a timely manner.

Reason #10: Customer Portal

Your customers expect timely, reliable and personalized support from your business. But with so many customers to work with, it can be difficult to provide this level of service for all of them.

The AccuLynx Customer Portal simplifies and streamlines the process of staying connected with your customers. On this custom, company-branded website, you can upload job documents and photos, message back and forth with customers, request payment on invoices, update appointments, and much more. Customers can view the information on their portal at any time, and it’s automatically updated when you make changes in AccuLynx, so your customers can easily stay in the loop on their projects and ask questions as they arise. The Customer Portal allows you to deliver a higher level of customer service without spending more time doing so.

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The best CRM for your roofing company’s needs

When choosing the best CRM for your roofing company, it’s important to find one that will truly help your business grow. AccuLynx is the leading CRM for roofing contractors because it was built to meet your unique needs and contains roofing-specific features. To learn more about how AccuLynx can help you succeed, schedule a quick demo today.

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