Why You Should Join Your Local Roofing Association

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There are many benefits to joining a local roofing association. From networking to sharing knowledge to professional development, associations can provide many opportunities for your roofing business. However, many companies are not part of an association, local or national, simply because they do not have enough information about them.

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What is a Roofing Association?

A roofing association is a trade organization that provides it members with benefits such as networking, events, shared knowledge, and professional development. These associations are filled with tons of other companies just like yours, ranging from small local startups to bigger, well established roofing businesses. Regardless of size, all of these companies work together to help each other learn, grow, and advance the industry as a whole.

What is the difference between National and Local Roofing Associations?

National associations include roofing groups and businesses from all across the country, while local association include companies from your area. Local associations incorporate companies from all over the region, ranging from large to small. These local associations are more likely to provide benefits that have to do with your specific area and the businesses around you rather than the larger benefits offered at the national level.

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The national association for the roofing industry is the National Roofing Contractors Association or the NRCA. Check your area to see what local associations are available near you and consider getting involved in the NRCA as well.

What are the Benefits of Joining an Association?

They are many benefits to joining a roofing association, although networking, information sharing, and opportunity for professional development are among the most notable. When you are part of an association, you are automatically connected with all of the other members of the organization. You will be able to attend association events where you can network with others in the industry and build contacts with new members, further expanding your network.

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Another benefit is information sharing. Rather than testing and trying out each and every new product or technique, you can watch and learn from others. This mutual knowledge can be an invaluable way to improve your company and helpful in tackling problems.

Professional development is also another huge benefit to belonging to an association. Associations often provide webinars, conferences, and even continuing education classes for you to partake in, allowing to continue to learn from others and improve your company. These events are the source of the benefits an association provides, as they allow you to mingle with other companies and learn from each other.

Joining a roofing association is a sure-fire way to improve your company. They allow you to benefit from the experience of other companies and provide opportunities for you to get in contact with them. So whether you are looking at joining an association at the national or local level, be ready to watch your company grow and flourish.

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