Why Your Employees Need Continued Education: New Certifications and Training

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Continued education might not be on the top of your list right now. But, once the busy months pass, many roofing contractors find themselves doing less work outside. One way to make the most out of these office days is to encourage your employees to prepare for next season. There are many continuing education classes available for roofing contractors. From becoming certified with roofing material manufacturers, to taking OSHA certification courses, to enrolling in a NRCA program, you have many options.

Why Your Employees Need Continued Education

It Helps Differentiate Your Business

Continuing education is hugely beneficial for roofers. The more certifications your employees hold, the more trustworthy your company will seem to potential customers. Having specially trained employees builds your company’s reputation as a knowledgeable and capable business. This gives you a leg up on your competitors.

It Keeps You Up to Date on the Latest Technology and Codes

Continued education will make sure you are up to date on the newest technology and codes in the roofing industry. Many product training and installation courses are available to help your company provide the newest products to your customers. For example, protocol training is often offered after a new code or policy is instituted. Courses ensure your company understands new regulations and performs up to standard.

It Enables Your Employees to Further Their Careers

New certifications also allow individuals in your company to advance their careers. This enables them to better themselves and your company. Attending continuing education classes also helps your company network. Learning alongside others in the field forges connections, and extends your company’s reach, leading to new contacts.

Material Manufacturer Certification Programs

One way your company can reap these benefits is becoming certified with roofing material manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers have their own programs and certifications. For example, Malarkey has Certified Contractor, Owens Corning has Platinum Preferred Contractor, and GAF has Master Elite. These programs include training and field experience requirements. These courses will establish a relationship with the manufacturer, and clients will be impressed with your confidence with different products. The more manufacturer certifications your employees can gain, the more capable and trustworthy your company will appear.

Understanding the Latest Safety Regulations

OSHA also provides certifications. With tons of options to choose from, these range from safety training to stormwater management classes to general industry training. These classes are offered in an assortment of time requirements, from 8 hours to 40 hours, so your employees can further their education no matter what their schedule looks like.

Only have a few hours to spare? A 8 hour refresher course is the perfect way to stay up to date without the time commitment. Are you wasting time in the office and want a more substantial accreditation to add to your resume? A 40 hour class might be what you are looking for. Because OSHA has so many options, there is a certification for everyone and the opportunities to advance your employees and company are endless.

Nationally Recognized Education Training Courses

Another way to build up your roofing resume is by pursuing certifications offered by the NRCA. ProCertified Roofing Foreman, ProCertified Asphalt Shingle Systems Installer, and ProCertified Thermoplastic Systems Installer are all available as ways for individuals to gain more roofing experience and credentials. These certifications are awarded after passing a two-part online exam and a hands-on experience exam. Handbooks, guides, and forms describing the certification process, eligibility requirements, and more are available online.

In addition to the certifications they offer, the NRCA also has many general courses available for roofing contractors. These include Roofing 101, Design Essentials for Roof Performance Single-Ply Roof Membranes, Roof Repair and Maintenance, and many more. These classes range in difficulty, from courses for new employees and installers to executives. Everyone will find a class for them.

Give Your Business a Boost

Education is a great tool, even if you already have an established a career. Continuing education improves the image of your employees and your company, building trust and respect in the eyes of potential customers and other businesses. Earning certifications is also a great way for individuals to advance their careers, increasing their expertise with each course they take. All in all, both your company as a whole and your employees benefit greatly from gaining certifications and taking courses, so next off-season consider signing up for continuing education.

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  • I work with many roofing companies and would like to attend a training class on the CRM and become an expert. I live in Boca Raton, FL. Are there any training seminars or classes available in FL soon?

  • Investing in continued education and training for your employees isn’t just about meeting industry standards; it’s about empowering them to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to evolving challenges. It’s akin to giving them the tools to build their professional arsenal.


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