What Can Your Contractor CRM Do?

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If you’re just starting to decide whether or not you should implement a contractor CRM, there’s a ton of benefits you might not be aware of. 

Sure, there are great features like aerial measurement ordering, sales management, field apps, and more. But, how do these things actually serve your roofing business?

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Check out the three biggest benefits of using a CRM

Contractor CRM Benefit #1: Increased Sales

Every roofing business is always looking for ways to increase sales and improve profits. 

Roofing CRMs allow you to track all details, activities, documents and correspondence all in one place.  You can automatically import leads from other sources and prioritize based on status, build estimates, order aerial measurement reports that automatically populate estimates, place material orders and more.

Having access to these tools and features, gives you the ability to see everything that is going on in your sales pipeline and identify ways to speed up the process, allowing for more opportunities.

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Contractor CRM Benefit #2: Better Time Management

When an influx of requests start coming in, it can be hard to manage all your roofing jobs. 

Your contractor software documents every milestone in the process so can make sure there are no delays and nothing has fallen through the cracks. You can upload documents, assign tasks, track job costs, permits, supplements and mortgage checks, add and share photos with your crew, schedule labor and deliveries and share customer information—all in real time.

By being able to manage and view all of the progress being made with each project, you can make sure everything is on schedule.

Contractor CRM Benefit #3: Simplified Workflows

Roofing CRMs are designed to help get projects done quickly and accurately, without compromising quality.

You can place material orders directly to your manufacturer, forecast profits and determine sales commissions on a job, access and customize reports to easily identify areas for improvement.

These features allow you to streamline each part of your process and get jobs completed faster.

See how a contractor CRM can help you increase sales, manage your time, and simplify workflows.

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