The Best Roofing Apps for Every Contractor’s Needs

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Roofing apps give roofers with a smartphone or tablet access to a whole set of extra tools. For any member of your team who’s frequently in the field, relying on apps lets them stay connected to the rest of the business, work efficiently, and reach homeowners more effectively. And as many of us continue to work remotely, roofing apps play a big role in letting contractors work from wherever they are. While not every roofing app will be helpful, there are plenty that can give your roofing business an advantage in many areas. Here are a few of the best apps that meet common contractor needs.

Keeping Track of Leads

Finding, tracking, and following up with leads can be challenging, especially since many roofing contractors find their leads based on geographic area or canvassing a neighborhood. Using a roofing app to keep track of leads and identify potential new leads is one way to stay organized during the search for new customers. The two roofing apps below integrate with roofing software like AccuLynx, so you can seamlessly funnel your leads into your business management platform and track them as they become customers.

SalesRabbit: SalesRabbit helps roofers track leads and manage sales activities. Using this app, you can assign salespeople to a given area and collect performance data on their sales activities. When you find new leads, you can easily add them to SalesRabbit while on the go—you don’t have to wait until you’re at a computer to make lead updates. SalesRabbit even lets you see homeowner details, to give you a sense of which leads may be worth pursuing. You can collaborate with the rest of your teams using SalesRabbit, giving everyone at your roofing business an up-to-date picture of lead flow, sales performance, and appointments with homeowners.

Spotio: Spotio helps sales teams increase their productivity and performance. You can use Spotio to keep your lead pipeline full and prioritize prospects that are the best fit for your business. In addition to lead tracking and generating, Spotio also enables you to stay on top of sales performance and learn from data to improve your sales process. Sales teams can take advantage of the leaderboard to stay accountable and motivated to sell more.

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Showcasing Your Design Offerings

Your customer is trying to decide between gray and black shingles, and they’re having trouble making up their mind. Roofing elements like shingles are on a house for quite some time, and represent an investment to the customer, so they want to make sure they pick the right ones. Helping them visualize how shingles or other design elements will look can give them confidence in their selection and your work—but how can you help them do that? Depending on your shingle supplier, there are apps that can give homeowners a better idea of their design options.

GAF Roofing Wizard® and Colors App: If you use GAF shingles, the company offers two apps to help you show homeowners their options. The Roofing Wizard® app walks homeowners through the GAF roofing system options, such as available warranties, shingle designs, and color options. It gives customers greater control over choosing the roof components that fit their style and budget by allowing them to make selections directly within the app, which can be emailed to them instantly for final review. The Colors App is a replacement for sample boards. Instead of showing or sending a homeowner samples, the GAF Colors App lets contractors show images of available shingle types on a smartphone or tablet.

Owens Corning Design EyeQ® Snapshot™: If you’re an Owens Corning user, the Design EyeQ® Snapshot™ app can help you show your customers their options for roofing design. In the app, you can use a photo of your customer’s home to help them visualize how a shingle color or design will look. The app lets you compare up to three shingle colors at a time and view all available options for your area in the Shingle Colors Catalog. You can email your customer a PDF of the house visualizations so they can review it further, and save their decisions for your future reference. Like the GAF app, Design EyeQ® Snapshot™ keeps you from having to use sample boards to showcase shingle options to your customers.

Managing Subcontractors and Crews

Keeping in touch with subcontractors and crews and making sure they stay on task can be difficult. In order to more effectively manage your crews, give them the most up-to-date instructions, and help them reduce the time spent on the job site, you need a way to streamline communication and keep them in the loop. AccuLynx has developed a roofing app solution to help you stay connected to your crews.

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AccuLynx mobile Crew App: With the mobile Crew App, roofing companies and crews can stay on the same page more easily. The mobile Crew App eliminates the need for calling and texting crews. Managers can input job information directly in the app, and crews can easily access directions, instructions, photos, and more. You can create checklists that are updated in real-time as crews complete tasks, helping them stay on target and you stay informed about progress on the job site. All the information in the mobile Crew App is added to AccuLynx as well, so everyone on your teams has the most up-to-date details about your jobs. If you need to reschedule a crew or cancel a labor order, the app instantly notifies your crews of the change. There’s even an English-Spanish translation option to keep communication even clearer.

Getting Aerial Measurement Reports

More and more roofers are using aerial measurement technology to get accurate information about roofs without having to climb a ladder—or even visit the job site. These aerial measurement reports often need to be ordered on the go, making roofing apps a great solution for getting fast measurements from your preferred aerial provider. The apps below are two of the most trusted aerial measurement solutions, and both integrate with AccuLynx to ensure your measurements are always contained in your roofing software system.

acculynx eagleview aerial measurements

EagleView: If you’re an EagleView user, the roofing app version of their measurement technology can help you order reports more quickly. With the app, you can request measurements from anywhere through their streamlined interface. The app also includes a 3D Visualizer to help you see the roof measurements in context, as well as access to EagleView property imagery.

Taking Your Business Wherever It Needs to Go

Roofing salespeople are on the go, visiting homeowners and driving through neighborhoods. Other roofing employees need the flexibility to work from anywhere and access job information remotely. Choosing a roofing software system to manage your business that includes an app version ensures that no matter where your teams are, they can have access to the tools and features they need to work efficiently.

AccuLynx Field App: The Field App is the AccuLynx way to help you take the benefits of our software wherever you go. In the Field App, you can make updates to job files, enter leads, and log your activities. You can take, share, and annotate photos of the job site. You can view directions to the next job and contact customers to let them know you’re coming. You can even send estimates and get digital signatures. The Field App puts all the functionality of AccuLynx right on your smartphone or tablet, so no matter where you are, you can keep your business running smoothly. You don’t have to wait to make important updates, document new information, or add leads to the system. It can be done from anywhere, saving you time and giving you greater flexibility.

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These are just a few of the most trusted roofing apps to help contractors accomplish their goals and work more effectively. Apps like these can give you solutions to common issues that roofing contractors face, as well as providing you the convenience and adaptability to work from anywhere.

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