Set Your Business Apart with a Customer-Focused Business Approach

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Online reviews can make or break you – marketing efforts and gimmicks sometimes fall flat – and even word of mouth can’t be relied on to continuously source new business.

In a review-focused market, it can be difficult to promote and set your business ahead of similar service providers. Potential customers reading your reviews on Angi or Yelp are looking for positive reviews, and ultimately, are willing to pay more for contractors that have higher ratings online.

While the prices you charge and the specific services you deliver on may vary – one variable that you can and should meticulously control is your level of Customer Service. Having top rated customer service reviews along with word of mouth will go a long way in helping you garner new business, and grow existing and repeating business.

Providing a Customer-Focused Approach

Be Organized

Seems like a no-brainer, but the root of all good customer services starts with your business, your sales teams, and your labor crews all being on the same page when it comes to any project.

Having a Centralized Data Source like a CRM or even something as simple as a shared server can reduce the amount of data entry and paperwork required on a day to day basis, and can give the correct people access to the files they need at any moment. This helps reduce the time spent digging through notes, or calling the office for information. Using a CRM can increase your business productivity, which means you can help more customers without wasting resources.

Keeping Records on Every Job that are digitally archived gives your office staff the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise, or at the very least, the ability to know the story and be able to provide a sufficient answer quickly, without having to put a customer on hold while they track down the right person. The customer on the phone doesn’t have to wait long for an answer to their problem, and your staff will seem knowledgable, and helpful.

Sales Teams can use this information when they’re on-site to see notes from past work, which can help them provide more accurate quotes, and establish a connection with the customer.


Staying on Top of Tasks

Calendars are perfect for helping you remember meetings and appointments, but not so great for the little things like a promised phone call. Many tools and CRMs have a task or reminder feature in addition to a calendar that can help you deliver on the small details that really impress people.

Did you promise to call someone by 3? Set a reminder for 2:45 and make sure you don’t miss it!

Do you have a complex task you have to accomplish to meet a deadline? Break it down into small, manageable chunks and put it in your task manager so you can track your progress as you work towards your goal.

We all know that roofers get busy with fires to put out. A task management system, whether inside of one of your other tools, or as a standalone app can help you come across like a calm, collected, in-control superstar, even if that isn’t quite the case that day.

Wow Them with Technology

Being up to date on the latest trends, codes and certifications within your industry is important, but being able to deploy quick, efficient and professional service to a customer directly in the field impresses customers who just want to have their issue addressed.

Electronic Contracts like SmartDocs allow your field teams to digitally provide accurate service estimates and contracts right from their mobile device. Being able to send these contracts electronically and have them be signed digitally with a secure eSignature expedites the contract process. Customers see that you are organized, have a firm grasp on digital technology and can provide records upon request – an important and enviable ability to those still working with and spending money on paper contracts.

Photos taken on-site that can be annotated, archived and reviewed means the sales teams can share with the project managers or crews exactly where issues are, and in turn, they can provide Job Progress Reports and even Before/After photos for your records and to the client. Customers love the attention to detail, and the personalized feel of the experience.

All of these communications are instantly archived, which supports the organization and retrieval of information.


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