How to Save Hours with Roof Measuring Software Integrations

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In the past few decades, more and more contractors have begun using technology like roof measuring software to help streamline their estimation process. Measuring a roof by hand can be time-consuming, and is prone to human error. However, with aerial measurement reports, contractors can trust that their measurements are accurate every time. Here are a few of the ways that integrating roof measuring software with business management software like AccuLynx can solve some of the challenges involved in measuring a roof, save you time, and ensure you estimate accurately every time.

Aerial image of a house being mapped out with roof measuring software.

The challenges of roof measuring

Traditionally, the roof measurement process has been one of the most challenging aspects of a roofing job. Measuring a roof inaccurately can lead to under or over-estimating the cost of a project, delays in completing repairs, and a decrease in customer satisfaction. On the other hand, thoroughly and accurately measuring a roof can be very time-consuming, drawing out the estimating process and delaying the start of the project.

Relying on aerial measurement services to obtain roof measurements will save your business significant time and money, in the long run. These services use drone imagery to calculate the dimensions and pitch of a roof, and can also include siding information as well, so there’s no need to send someone to the job site or spend time climbing around on a roof just to measure it. They’re highly accurate, so you can rest assured that your estimates and material orders will be correct as well. And measurement reports are delivered quickly—taking just under an hour in some cases—so the job process can continue to move forward smoothly.

AccuLynx aerial measurement integrations

Once you’ve obtained a report, you still need to apply it to your project. That’s where a CRM like AccuLynx comes in to help you save even more time. Instead of logging into multiple programs, AccuLynx roofing software contains a full suite of tools that help contractors order, store, and apply their measurements to their estimates, material orders, and more with just a few clicks.

AccuLynx has direct integrations with two of the leading aerial measurement providers, EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure. The ordering process is simple:

  1. Select the job you want to measure. You can do this from the “Order Measurements” section of your AccuLynx dashboard or by navigating to an individual job file.
  2. Fill in the required details on the order screen, such as the measurement type, building location, and measurement instructions.
  3. Request your measurement report!

You’ll be notified when your measurement report is ready, and the report will automatically be saved to the relevant job file.

Shadow of a man manually measuring a roof instead of using roof measuring software.

Integrating roof measuring software into your workflow

Once you’ve ordered a report through the roof measuring software integrations, AccuLynx can help you seamlessly move from measurements to estimates, material orders, and the other things you need to get a job started.

  • Aerial measurement reports are stored in the AccuLynx job file so they’re easy to find at any time you need.
  • The results from measurement reports you order in AccuLynx will automatically populate your estimates.
  • Once you have a completed estimate in AccuLynx, you can convert the estimate to a material order with just a few clicks.

There’s no need to spend time re-entering the same measurements into different documents or building a material order from scratch. This not only speeds up the estimating process, it also reduces the likelihood of errors in your estimates and material orders. By delivering fast, accurate estimates and keeping the project moving forward in a timely manner, you’ll be able to provide a higher level of customer service and win more jobs.

How one roofing company grew revenue with roof measuring software integrations

Logo of Kaiser Roofing LLC, an AccuLynx customer that uses roof measuring software. One company that found out firsthand how much roof measuring software tools could benefit their operations was Atlanta-based roofing company, Kaiser Siding and Roofing. Before they started using AccuLynx to order their EagleView roofing measurements, it used to take team members two to three hours to prepare an estimate. But, by using aerial measurement reports and the sales tools in AccuLynx, they were able to significantly reduce the time they spent preparing estimates–as well as helping the team stay organized and streamline their sales processes. The result? Their revenue grew 120% in one year.

The best software for roof measuring and more

Besides our roof measuring software integrations, AccuLynx is packed with other features to help you save time all throughout the roofing process. Schedule a quick, custom demo to see these tools in action.

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