Characteristics of the Best Project Management Apps for Roofers

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You want to help your business stay organized, do your best work, and keep projects running smoothly. You’re looking for project management apps for roofers that can give you the tools to achieve these goals. How can you find the right app that will help streamline your processes and manage your projects more effectively?

There are many project management apps for roofers on the market, so it can be difficult to find the one that works best for your business. Here are a few characteristics to look for when you’re evaluating project management apps.

What the Best Project Management Apps for Roofers Have in Common

While every roofing app is different, the best project management apps share a few similarities.

Designed for Roofing Businesses

Many project management apps were created to serve the needs of multiple types of businesses. These apps offer general project management capabilities, such as to-do lists, reminders, and timelines, and can be very helpful. However, roofing businesses have industry-specific project management needs. Choosing an app that was designed with a roofing business in mind means that the app will have all the tools you need to manage your roofing business more effectively.

best project management app for roofers

In addition, finding a project management app created for contractors makes it easier for you to start using the app right away. In order for a more general project management app to serve your business, you’d need to spend time customizing it and setting up the system to meet your needs. Roofing project management apps don’t require the same amount of customization and reflect the types of work you do every day, so you can incorporate them into your processes more easily and start seeing the benefits of better project management more quickly.

Easy to Use

Regardless of the other features, the best project management app for your roofing business is the one you will use. If you’re trying to implement an app with a steep learning curve, confusing terms, or features that don’t work for your processes, you and your teams may end up not using that app at all. Taking usability into account when you select a project management app will help you make sure that you will actually take advantage of its features.

In general, apps designed for roofing contractors will be easier to use than ones designed for a variety of businesses, since they reflect the way you already work and use terms you are already familiar with. However, it’s still important to evaluate other components of usability, even if you are choosing a roofing-specific app. Is it easy to find what you need within the app? Do you need extensive training to be able to use the app effectively? Could you explain how the app works to your teams? These are essential questions to answer before you choose a project management app.

Simplifies Processes

In addition to being easy to use, a project management app should make your work itself simpler. You may have used a system or tool in the past that promised to help your business solve a problem but created new problems of its own or required significant extra effort to manage. The best project management apps for roofers will help you save time and work more efficiently, rather than adding extra work to your day.

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One way that many roofing project management apps simplify processes is by reducing errors and repetitive tasks. For instance, some project management apps let contractors create checklists that crews in the field can use to keep track of their work. Instead of having to call or text to check in on how a job is progressing, you can simply view the checklist and see updates on the job in real time. A checklist also gives crews clear direction on the work they have to do, helping them complete their work more accurately. This is just one of the many ways that project management apps can simplify your everyday tasks and help you do your best work.

Integrates With Your Other Tools

The tools you use to manage your roofing business need to integrate with each other in order for you to do your most effective work. If each of your business management tools operates in its own space and doesn’t communicate with the others, this can lead to missed information, errors, double data entry, and confusion among your teams. It’s important for you to choose a project management app that can integrate with the other tools you’re already using.

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Some project management apps for roofers are part of a larger business management software system. These apps allow you to take the power of business management software into the field. If you choose this software, the project management app will naturally integrate with the other ways you manage your business. You won’t just get a simple way to manage your projects—you’ll get a system that improves every aspect of your roofing business.

Project Management Apps From AccuLynx

At AccuLynx, we build roofing software designed to meet the needs of roofing contractors, from fast-growing startups to multi-location businesses. In order to help you manage your business more effectively, we’ve created a pair of roofing apps that put the power of our software on your mobile device and facilitate better project management. Both of our apps were created with roofing contractors in mind, so they’re easy to use and integrate seamlessly with the way you already work. You won’t need to change your processes—AccuLynx roofing apps will enhance them and help you increase your efficiency.

Project management app for roofers on the go

The AccuLynx Field App

The AccuLynx Field App gives you access to AccuLynx from anywhere, whether you’re in the office, the field, or your own home. With the AccuLynx Field App, you can stay organized and informed, complete paperwork from the field, and update coworkers back in the office. You’ll have full access to leads, job records and everything else you need in the field, helping you unlock a greater level of productivity.

Here are a few of the Field App features that can improve project management:

  • Complete job information available with just a few taps
  • A daily schedule of appointments
  • The ability to update job information and add notes in real time
  • Notifications when an action is needed
  • The ability to set tasks and follow-up appointments
  • Alerts when you have a new task or lead assigned to you

Learn more about the Field App.

The AccuLynx Mobile Crew App

The AccuLynx mobile Crew App makes it easier to stay in touch with crews and subcontractors. With the mobile Crew App, you can stay up to date on how work is progressing on a job site, make changes to your instructions, and notify crews when the schedule changes. The mobile Crew App simplifies subcontractor and crew management, leading to a smoother workflow.

Here are a few of the mobile Crew App features that can improve project management:

  • A schedule of assigned jobs
  • Labor checklists for each job
  • The ability to view work orders
  • Check in/check out capability

Learn more about the mobile Crew App.

Simplify Project Management With Roofing Apps

Project management doesn’t have to take up so much of your time. With the right project management app for roofers, you can save time, keep your business organized, help your work flow more smoothly, and serve your customers more effectively.

Project management app for roofers demo

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