How Online Roof Material Ordering Benefits Your Company

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Roofing companies face many challenges, including managing projects, keeping up with supply chain issues, and ensuring their customers are satisfied with their work. By using AccuLynx’s integration with the three largest material suppliers (SRS Distribution, ABC Supply, and Beacon Building Products), customers can access their unique pricing and product availability right from the same powerful roofing software they use to manage the rest of their business.

Here are the top four benefits of online roof materials ordering directly through AccuLynx:

Materials from online roof material ordering

1: Avoiding miscommunication

One standard way to order roofing materials is by calling your local branch or supplier representative to place the order. While this may be how you’ve always handled orders, it can lead to errors and delays at many points during a job. First, this process involves very little documentation and requires a confirmation via email that can get lost in your inbox. In addition, there could be a miscommunication about the amount or color of a material, and it may not be realized until the day the materials arrive. Online roof material ordering ensures you have a record of your order and removes the possibility of miscommunication.

The material supplier integrations in AccuLynx allow you to view materials from your preferred supplier and branch with access to your unique pricing, right within the software. You can create your own custom templates with your most frequently used materials, create an order, and send it electronically to your branch, all without ever having to pick up the phone.

2: Keeping tabs on material availability and prices

Over the last few years, supply chain issues, material shortages, and rising material costs have affected availability and pricing. Online roof material ordering via the AccuLynx integrations can provide you with the most updated information on prices and availability. This can be very useful for sales teams in the field – if a specific color shingle isn’t available, they’ll be able to suggest alternatives to your customers on the spot. This enables your teams to create the most accurate estimates possible, reducing the need to make changes later.

AccuLynx customer, Chrissy Boyd, the Training and Process Coordinator at YellowHammer Roofing, primarily uses Beacon Building Products as their material supplier. When ordering roofing materials online through AccuLynx, she saw a noticeable increase in efficiency from their previous ordering method, especially when her team ordered materials and built out an estimate. “Being able to see what products are in stock at a particular branch, along with our Beacon account pricing, has made it so much easier to create an accurate estimate quickly,” Boyd said in a recent interview.

Bringing materials to a job site after using online roof material ordering

3: Adapting to changes during a project

Even if you take all the possible precautions to avoid making changes during a project, sometimes it’s necessary. By taking advantage of AccuLynx’s online roof material ordering, you can quickly make changes when needed. For example, if your team notices measurements are inaccurate halfway through a job and you need more shingles, you can quickly reorder the same material right from the integration once the change order is signed and ready to go. Because everything is stored in the cloud, it is easy to update job information in AccuLynx and apply it to everything related to the project with just a few clicks. This helps you move the project forward more quickly, even when issues arise.

4: Easily accessing the digital ordering record

Keeping records of material orders and other documents is important for running a successful business, but paper documents are sometimes more difficult to track and can easily get lost or damaged. There are many benefits to keeping a digital record of your material orders; they are:

  • Easier to keep track of
  • Less likely to get damaged
  • Shareable
  • More accessible if someone needs to refer back to the order

By ordering roofing materials through AccuLynx, you will have a digital record of that order saved in the relevant job file in case you need it later, including prices, amounts, material types, and order dates. This allows you to stay better organized and informed about your material habits and needs.

AccuLynx's online material ordering

Getting started with online roof material ordering through AccuLynx integrations

Switching from how you currently order materials to a new ordering process via AccuLynx material integrations may seem tedious. AccuLynx would like to help make this process easier by setting up your material ordering templates. We have a dedicated team to help transition you to a more seamless way of ordering roofing materials. Schedule a meeting to get started today.

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