Maximizing the ROI of Roofing Software

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Around 65% of companies use some type of CRM to help run their business. Whether you are one of those companies now, are thinking of implementing software to manage your business, or want to see how software can improve your business processes, incorporating it during the slower months can help set you up for success.

There is so much more to implementing software than just purchasing it. Investing your time in learning how to use it now will help increase the overall benefit of incorporating software. It’s not just dollars you invest—it’s your time. And by investing your time in setting up the software early, your return on your investment will pay out dividends.

Here are four ways you can maximize the ROI of your roofing software:

Set up all of your documents, tools, and processes the way you want

When incorporating new software into your business’ workflow, setting it up to best serve you is an important step. By taking the time now to customize the software for your processes, you’ll save significant time later on.

AccuLynx has many tools that will help you save time and increase productivity when you have a lot of jobs in the pipeline, such as AccuLynx SmartDocs and the Automation Manager. With SmartDocs, you can create templates out of commonly used documents such as contracts or change orders that automatically populate with accurate customer information pulled from the relevant job file, speeding up the time it takes to get important documents out to customers. The Automation Manager enables you to communicate more efficiently with customers by setting up standard emails and texts, such as updates or appointment reminders, that will go out once a trigger is met.

AccuLynx integration with EagleView

Connect your integrations

Software is not a one-size-fits-all tool and the best roofing software systems include third-party integrations to help bring together everything you use to manage your business. When you connect your integrations right away, you can take advantage of the time savings and convenience more quickly.

AccuLynx integrates with many different software programs that can help better streamline your business, such as:

Identify and set up reporting features to track important KPIs

Understanding your business’s performance is essential for increasing growth and ensuring you’re on track with your goals. While there are multiple ways to do this, such as tracking specific KPIs through spreadsheets, investing in software with reporting capabilities, and setting up these reports early will help you stay on top of KPIs without adding more to your plate.

AccuLynx reporting features provide an easy way to track your business and keep tabs on how your team is doing. The ReportsPlus feature in AccuLynx has over 20+ pre-built reports that you can use to help keep tabs on all your goals. Essential reports that can help you track your roofing business include the profitability report and the closing percentage report, which provide insight into your profit margins, projection gaps, and employee performance. Further, you can customize these reports by adjusting the timeframe or filtering by location or salesperson.

Training your team on your roofing software

Get your team properly trained

After you decide on your software, link up all your specific integrations and set up your reporting, getting your team trained properly is the next step to set you up for success.

Customer service varies by software solution. Some lower-cost software systems might provide support videos or training at an extra cost for you. Others, such as AccuLynx, provide a more extensive training experience to ensure you and your team are supported right when you sign up for the service—at no additional cost.

AccuLynx pairs you with a customer success representative who will help set up your team for success right from the start to fully train you and your team on the system with a training process tailored to your specific needs and goals. Even after the initial training, AccuLynx customer service is just a phone call away to help when any issue arises, and your team will have on-demand access to step-by-step “how-to” guides and videos always available in the AccuLynx Knowledge Base.

Increase your ROI on roofing software

There are many benefits to incorporating software into your business, including saving time and increasing your company’s profitability. In fact, AccuLynx users see a 32% increase in job profits on average! Don’t wait for the next business year to start before thinking about how you can better your business processes. See a custom demo of AccuLynx today.

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