Get Ahead of Inflation with Roofing Software: Lowering Overhead Costs

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In the first two parts of this series, we covered different ways that investing in roofing software can help your company get ahead of inflation. During the first installment, we discussed how material supplier integrations help you better gauge rising material costs through real-time pricing and availability. In our second post, we talked about how concentrating on the benefits of your service and offering financing and payment options can help ease the financial burden of higher prices. We even hosted a webinar on the topic— you can watch the recording here.

There’s one last topic concerning inflation that’s important to discuss: lowering your overhead costs. With rising prices everywhere, looking at your operations and seeing where you can eliminate overhead and redundancies will help decrease unnecessary spending and offset the effects of inflation.

Here are a few ways AccuLynx roofing software can help lower inflation in roofing by decreasing overhead costs and increasing productivity:

Manage your work from anywhere

There are many tools and features in AccuLynx that allow you to manage your jobs from anywhere and eliminate travel and supply costs. Instead of going back and forth to the job site, you can use AccuLynx to efficiently share information with homeowners, check in on crew progress, and keep everyone in the loop.

For example, during the sales process, it is inevitable that you will have to collect many signatures and share many documents between you and your homeowner. With the eSign capabilities in AccuLynx, you can email contracts and change orders so that customers can sign off on different items without having to meet to get the signatures. In addition, with the updated Customer Portal, homeowners can access key information from anywhere, limiting the need for either party to travel and cutting down on costs associated with printing out documents. These are two easy ways to lower inflation in roofing.

The digital tools in AccuLynx can help you manage and communicate with your crews from anywhere as well. The AccuLynx mobile Crew App allows you to share work orders, directions to the site, and other essential information with your crews without having to visit the job site. You can also stay updated easily by viewing photos, creating job checklists, and sending messages through the app, so you will always know what is happening on site even when you’re in the office.

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Automate standard processes and reduce double data entry

Your team can get more done with fewer resources and save time and money by improving your processes and increasing your company’s overall productivity. The tools in AccuLynx are designed for the way contractors work and can help automate your processes so that you can concentrate on other, more lucrative tasks within your business or cut down on the need for adding additional team members as your business grows. In fact, AccuLynx users save an average of 9 hours per week per employee.

AccuLynx software can take hours off your sales process by automating your operations, such as communication. By automating standard communication, like appointment reminders or follow-up messages, you can streamline how you communicate with team members and homeowners. With AccuLynx’s Automation Manager, you can set up emails or text messages that will go out once a specific event takes place, saving you time, money, and resources to keep everyone happy.

Moreover, AccuLynx includes many tools that can help speed up how you put together estimates and material orders. By utilizing features at no extra cost to you, such as aerial measurement and material supplier integrations, you can quickly auto-populate your measurements and orders instead of having to enter information in multiple areas manually. Further, by using tools such as AccuPay discussed in the previous inflation blog, all accounting data will automatically sync to your QuickBooks account.

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Lower overhead costs with AccuLynx

Higher prices impact everyone and can leave lasting effects on your business. By reducing expenses in areas such as travel and seeing how you can improve your operations and productivity, you will save time and money in some areas even if you are spending more in others. Learn more about how AccuLynx can help you improve your business’s productivity and help you lower inflation in roofing by seeing a custom demo.

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