Get Ahead of Inflation with Roofing Software: Building Material Inflation

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Over the last few years, rising costs from the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues have affected many industries. Now, with the inflation rate reaching its highest point since 1981, learning how to work with rising costs instead of against them is essential to keep business running smoothly.

In your roofing business, you’ve probably noticed the rising costs the most when it comes to material ordering. Seeing pricing and availability change regularly can cause headaches for both you as a roofing contractor and your customers. These shifts in cost and availability can also lead to inaccurate estimates and change orders later in the sales process.

By investing in a CRM system with material ordering integrations, you can keep a better pulse on pricing and create more accurate estimates the first time. AccuLynx integrates with the top three material suppliers in the roofing industry: ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products. Here are some ways these integrations can help you manage building material inflation and continue your success as a roofing company.

Comparing material prices with AccuLynx

1. Compare real-time pricing across the top 3 material suppliers

Knowing real-time pricing from different suppliers can help you make the most informed decision about where to purchase your materials for a project, especially as prices rise from inflation. With AccuLynx integrations, you will no longer have to access your material supplier accounts by picking up the phone or repeatedly logging into a portal. Instead, you can access your own unique, customized pricing information by location right from your AccuLynx account.

With AccuLynx material integrations, your pricing and material availability are updated in real-time, so you will always know you have the most accurate information at your fingertips. If you work with multiple suppliers, you can also compare the prices and even use that information to negotiate pricing with one supplier if you buy in bulk or agree to buy from them exclusively.

2. Create faster, more accurate estimates

By creating accurate estimates right from the start, you can make sure your costs are the most aligned with the current building material inflation rate. Material supplier integrations through AccuLynx provide a way for you to streamline how you create estimates and share your documents with your homeowners. With templates, a lot of information can automatically update to avoid double data entry and lessen the chance of mistakes or inaccuracies.

Once you have your measurements for a roofing job and upload them into your account, you can put together your estimates and materials orders quickly without the need for double data entry, leaving less room for mistakes and inaccuracy. Further, if there is a change in material prices during the sales process, they will update automatically in your reports so there’s no need to manually change information. In addition, the different estimating tools in AccuLynx, such as the ability to lock in waste factors and a profit margin calculator can help ensure you are accounting for everything cost related in your estimate.

Man ordering building material online.

3. Place orders digitally

Being able to do everything in one roofing software program cuts down on time spent searching and uploading information into different portals or accounts. After you create your estimate, you can convert it into a material order in just a few clicks, speeding up the time it takes to create a material order and allowing you to submit it to your supplier right from your AccuLynx account.

Once you submit your orders, you will receive updates on what is happening with your orders, including delivery dates and times. Knowing this information is crucial because it helps your team accurately set up the most realistic timeline for a job. Not only that, but if there is a delay, you will also receive alerts on this so you can make adjustments early on.

Combat building material inflation by ordering through AccuLynx

The constant rise in pricing and inflation can cause many issues within your company and make it difficult to order materials and put together your estimates. By utilizing integrations and being sure to create the most accurate estimate right from the start, it is less likely you will have to create change orders or speak to your customers later on in the project. In addition, by knowing the most accurate pricing and availability, you can ensure your customers receive the best products for their buck and even quickly provide different options if necessary.

Learn more about material ordering in AccuLynx and how it will help you deal with inflation in a one-on-one demo.

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