3 Ways to Increase Your ROI With Roofing Business Management Software

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Analyzing your roofing business’s return on investment, or ROI, is important for understanding how your business is doing. By keeping tabs on your company’s ROI, you’ll identify what business strategies are working for your business and what you should adjust.

To better understand your residential roofing ROI, one place to start is looking at how you create your estimates, order materials, and price out your services. By seeing how you order your materials and tracking things such as materials commonly used or job profitability, you can find ways to better order materials and increase ROI, whether by negotiating prices with your supplier or upselling your customers on better products or services.

Here is how you can increase your ROI in the roofing business by creating more accurate estimates that help better predict profitability on your jobs and by tracking material spend by supplier to help you spot trends in your ordering:

how to increase roi in roofing business

Streamline your estimation process

Increasing your ROI in roofing starts by looking at the efficiency and accuracy of your processes. If you or your team spend hours taking measurements, calculating the right amount of materials, ordering those materials, and building estimates, you may be able to save significant time by using tools that increase efficiency, such as a comprehensive CRM software.

With AccuLynx, you can cut hours off your sales process and create more accurate estimates. In fact, companies that use AccuLynx, on average, save 9 hours per week per employee. Our all-in-one software is equipped with multiple integrations that help speed up your sales process so you can take on more jobs in less time with fewer resources. AccuLynx integrates with aerial measurement companies like EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure so you can get more accurate measurements delivered directly to your account and easily create material orders and estimates. AccuLynx also integrates with the top three material suppliers in the business, SRS Distribution, ABC Supply, and Beacon Building Products, so you can access your individual pricing by branch right in your AccuLynx account, eliminating the need to make phone calls to your distributor or login to a separate account.

Create 3 versions of a quote

An easy way to increase your ROI is to upsell your services or products right from the start of the sales process. Instead of providing your homeowners with a single roofing quote, give them a few options during the sales process at a variety of levels and prices. This technique, also known as the “good, better, best” system, gives your customers options while also potentially increasing your company’s ROI.

With AccuLynx’s material supplier integrations, you can build out multiple estimates for one job efficiently. AccuLynx’s integrations provide you with real-time pricing and product accessibility by branch right in your AccuLynx account. With this, you can easily build out a customer’s estimate with the necessary products based on their needs and include two additional estimates with upgraded products or upgraded benefits, such as a longer warranty period or higher quality shingles. Creating these options provide your customers with options, while giving you a way to make more money on a single job.

Identifying material trends to increase roi in roofing business

Identify trends in material spending

There are many benefits to tracking specific areas of your business through reports, such as understanding your business’s profitability or employee efficiency. One way to use reports to increase your ROI is to analyze the materials you order, including material spend and popularity, to identify trends and find ways to negotiate better prices with your suppliers.

The materials report in AccuLynx shows a snapshot of everything related to your material usage and spending. You can track your cost totals, quantities of materials, and the number of jobs that use a specific material. This can help you negotiate the cost of a specific material that you commonly use with your supplier. For example, say the report identifies you use a particular type of shingle on 75% of your jobs. You can use that information to leverage buying that material in bulk at a lower price per shingle with your supplier to increase your ROI per job.

how to increase ROI in your roofing business with software

There are many benefits to investing in a CRM system, such as helping your business be more organized and efficient. The right CRM software, however, can help you not only manage your business better but also help make each job more profitable. See how AccuLynx can help you increase your roofing ROI on every job this year in a custom demo.

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