How Electronic Documents Within eSign Software Help Protect Roofing Companies

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While your residential roofing company might exclusively use paper files for your documentation, it isn’t necessarily the most efficient or safest way to manage your roofing documents. Paper files can easily be lost, damaged, or fall into the wrong hands, especially if you have to frequently take them to and from job sites.

With so many other things that you have to deal with as a business owner, keeping track of where your important documents are stored should not be one of your main concerns. Digital documents within eSign software, or SmartDocs, can help take some of that stress off your shoulders by eliminating the need to create, print, and store paper documents for every job while adding additional security measures to protect your business and information.

With a business management system like AccuLynx, your company can create and store all your important documents digitally in one easily accessible location. In AccuLynx, you can use electronic documents to deliver everything from estimates to contracts and change orders. Read on to see how electronic documents can help your residential roofing business.

eSign Software Benefit #1: More Efficient Documentation

SmartDocs by AccuLynx provides the above benefits within a business management software system, so you can fully integrate your digital documents into the rest of your processes. For example, if you use specific documents often, you can quickly turn them into SmartDocs templates so that you don’t have to print new paper files every time you have a new estimate. This cuts down on time and money whenever a new job comes through the pipeline.

Not only that, SmartDocs will automatically populate documents with customer information stored in your AccuLynx job file. This feature cuts down on time spent repeatedly imputing the same information in multiple areas while also eliminating the possibility of errors.

eSign Software Benefit #2: Increased Document Security

Storing your documents in folders at the office or on employees’ hard drives might appear safe, but many things could go wrong. Paper files can easily get lost, hard drives can crash, and computers can get hacked, leaving your business’s essential documents and customer information vulnerable.

By using SmartDocs in AccuLynx, all of your documents will automatically upload to your customer’s job file and be saved in the cloud so that you will never have to worry about losing track of essential documents. Our cloud-based roofing software provides 24/7 access to your documents so that customers and team members who have permission can access them when they need to. Not only that, these documents are protected with the strongest security and encryption services available to protect all your and your customer’s valuable information.

eSign Software Benefit #3: Legally Binding Signatures Made Easy

The eSign feature in SmartDocs makes it simple to collect signatures from your customers, eliminating any concerns about legitimacy. With eSign software, customers can sign their documents from virtually anywhere. So, if you need to send a change order for example, they won’t have to return to the office to do so. You can simply email the document over to the homeowner, and they can sign it on any device they have available.

SmartDocs’s e-signatures are legally binding, capturing a comprehensive log of each party’s name, email address, date, time, and IP address. This way, no matter what happens, you will know for sure that your contracts will hold up in court if anything goes wrong.

eSign Roofing Software to Keep Your Information Safe

Everyone likes to think that their information is safe and secure, but unfortunately, how you file and store your information matters and may not be as bulletproof as you believe. Paper files and documents can leave your information vulnerable, and there isn’t a surefire way to backup or put extra security to protect it from getting lost, damaged, or corrupted. However, by switching to AccuLynx, you can rest easy knowing everything is safe in the cloud.

Utilizing SmartDocs in AccuLynx is just one way you can improve how you manage your roofing business. Schedule a custom demo to learn more.

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  • Absolutely impressed with the eSign capabilities of SutiSign integrated into AccuLynx! Streamlining our processes efficiently and professional.


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