The Best Apps for Roofing Sales Teams

Technology plays a huge role in how roofing sales teams manage leads, track progress, create estimates and share information with managers and admin staff in the office. Thanks in large part to the number of niche mobile apps available, contractors are coming to rely more on their apps and CRM systems to support them in the field.

There are hundreds of roofing apps that contractors can use to stay productive and streamline their sales process. We’ve compiled a small handful based on our customers’ recommendations.

Apps for Ordering Roofing Measurement Reports:

Skymeasure by CoreLogic Mobile App

EagleView Mobile Application

Note: AccuLynx customers can order SkyMeasure reports directly through the AccuLynx Field App

Mobile Apps for Tracking Expenses:

Expensify Mobile Application

Tsheets Scheduling App

Document Scanning Apps:

CamScanner app for your mobile phone

Mobile Apps to Keep Roofing Sales Teams Organized:

TapeCall Pro

Other Helpful Roofing Tools: While very rudimentary in design, BlockLayer has useful calculators for all kinds of projects and repair work that can help you create fast estimates.

BlockLayer Tool for Roofing Contractors

AccuLynx: AccuLynx is the most widely used roofing software application. It’s packed with easy-to-use features and backed by the best development and support team in the industry. Designed exclusively for roofing contractors, AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition. See a demonstration.

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