The Best Apps for Roofing Sales Teams

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Technology plays a huge role in how roofing sales teams manage leads, track progress, create estimates and share information with managers and admin staff in the office. Thanks in large part to the number of niche mobile apps available, contractors are coming to rely more on their roofing sales management app and CRM systems to support them in the field.

There are hundreds of roofing apps that contractors can use to stay productive and increase roofing sales. We’ve compiled a small handful based on our customers’ recommendations.

Roofing Sales Management Apps for Ordering Roofing Measurement Reports:

SkyMeasure App SkyMeasure by CoreLogic

The SkyMeasure Mobile App by CoreLogic combines roof intelligence technology with a simple and easy-to-use interface for flexible, commercial, and residential on-the-go roof reports. This free app makes ordering aerial roof measurement reports simple and fast. The user-friendly interface allows you to order a report quickly. In addition, users can create a SkyMeasure account, view recent and completed orders, and get report status updates.

EagleView Aerial Measurement Logo EagleView

The EagleView mobile application works seamlessly with your iPhone providing on-site ordering based on your GPS location or through manual address entry. Enjoy handy access to and storage of all your measurement details and find information quickly with the property-centric organization system. Save time when you’re on the go.

Mobile Roofing Apps for Tracking Expenses:


With over four million users worldwide, Expensify is the #1 tools for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Snap a photo of your receipt using SmartScan and Expensify takes care of the rest! Designed for small businesses, accountant, and individuals who are sick of wasting time with spreadsheets, Expensify streamlines business travel and tax compliance with expense reports that don’t suck.


TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows your employees to clock in and out from the job site with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. TSheets also accurately tracks time and GPS points (even without cell or internet service & then automatically syncs when back in service), making it the a better alternative to geo-fencing.

Roofing Sales Management Apps for Document Scanning:


CamScanner lets your mobile phone act as your personal office scanner from anywhere. Use this app to scan, save, archive, and upload your files. Features include automatic edge cropping (no background, only the document), converting images to text files with language support, and auto-enhancements of the images so they’re clear and easy to read.

Roofing Sales Management Apps for Team Organization:


Evernote changes the way you organize your personal and professional projects. Dive in: take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online into Evernote. They’ll sync everything between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.

TapeACall – PRo

Recalling details from conversations can be hard when you’re making sales, detailing estimates, and driving from home to home. Recording you calls with applications like TapeACall Pro let you you save phone calls to the cloud as MP3s that can be archived and shared.


Other Helpful Roofing Apps:

AccuLynx Roofing Sales Management App

AccuLynx is the most widely used roofing software application. It’s packed with easy-to-use features and backed by the best development and support team in the industry. Designed exclusively for roofing contractors, AccuLynx makes it easy to grow faster than your competition.

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