How to Get the Most Out of Your Roofing App’s Customer Service

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AccuLynx prides itself on its training process for new and current users. The individualized training that we provide from day one onward sets us apart from other roofing apps. When asked how AccuLynx training differed from other providers, current AccuLynx user and owner of Complete Exteriors stated,

With other software providers, I’ve been left out to the wolves. Our previous onboarding experiences had mostly consisted of putting in a support ticket and getting an answer after 24 hours — that doesn’t happen with AccuLynx.”

Our software is easy to master, mainly because our knowledgeable team is there for you every step of the way. With an onboarding process unlike other software, you will have a dedicated customer success manager to help you establish goals, train your entire team on how to use the system, and help set you up for success in as little as three weeks.

Here is how AccuLynx training and customer support stand out from the rest of the competition:

AccuLynx training staff

1. Personal one-on-one training right from the start

AccuLynx understands that many contractors are new to software—and that all contractors would rather spend time growing their businesses than figuring out how to use a complicated roofing app. That’s why we made our software as intuitive as possible, designed specifically for roofing contractors and their processes. Plus, we set up our users with a dedicated training representative right from the get-go to help you reach your business goals and have success with the roofing app.

AccuLynx provides customizable in-depth, one-on-one training sessions to fit your company’s goals and schedule, so you don’t revert to old less efficient habits. Plus, if your team doesn’t learn well virtually, we offer in-person training programs—at your site or ours.

2. Live phone and chat support whenever you need assistance

Even if you have been using software for a while, having a way to reach out to support for questions or when issues arise is essential. It can be hard to be successful with a new software if it takes full days to hear back from customer support or if you have to submit a help ticket every time a question arises.

AccuLynx is proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to customer support. If you have a question or just want to better utilize your software, our customer support is always available to answer your questions via phone and email, and no help ticket is needed.

3. Access to the AccuLynx Knowledge Base

It’s one thing to understand how to use a new roofing app, but it’s another to master it and become an expert user. The roofing industry is competitive, and the more effectively you can use the tools in your roofing app, the more advantage you will have over other roofing companies.

AccuLynx has an online resource center called the Knowledge Base, where you can access a variety of resources on your own time to help make sure you’re getting the most out of the system. Within the Knowledge Base, you can access:

  • On-demand webinars on a variety of topics including “getting started” and “advanced functionality”
  • Step-by-step “how-to” guides that let you focus on specific features or integrations at your own pace
  • Weekly group training sessions tailored to help you master AccuLynx

It’s our goal to make sure you succeed with AccuLynx. So, we make sure you have the resources available to do so.

4. Free additional training for new employees

Onboarding new employees onto your team can be overwhelming, with so many processes and so much information to cover. Adding additional training on software they are unfamiliar with can be a whole new headache, to the point that some companies go as far as to put previous knowledge of the software they use as a job requirement.

A roofing app should not stand in the way of hiring hard-working employees. This is why AccuLynx is always available to help in the training process for new employees, even years after first starting with AccuLynx. For example, if you are onboarding multiple new sales team members at once and need them trained on AccuLynx, you can set up training with our customer success teams for free. We know the role software can play in the success and growth of a contracting business and want you to get the most out of your roofing software.

Satisfied with AccuLynx traning.

AccuLynx provides top-notch training right from the start

Adopting new technology is understandably intimidating, especially if you’re not a regular software user, and roofing apps only benefit your business if your employees are trained properly to use them. That’s why it’s important to choose a roofing app with robust customer service that not only helps you learn the application but gives you the tools to master it. See a demo to learn how AccuLynx could help your business.

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