What To Do When One of Your Sales Team Quits Mid-Season

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Turnover in the roofing industry is high, and it is vital to ensure your important business information is always safe and secure no matter who leaves your team. While someone quitting isn’t something you can anticipate, it is always good to have a plan in place for what to do when an employee quits. CRM software like AccuLynx has features in place to ensure your information is safe and to help make employee transitions as seamless as possible.

Here are 3 steps to protect your business when asking “what to do when an employee quits?”

What to do when an employee quits

1. Log everything in your CRM

Having a centralized digital location where you can store everything related to your jobs is key to keeping everyone at your company in the loop, no matter what happens. This way, if someone on your sales team quits mid-season, you can easily share all relevant information about their jobs with the new representatives. By reviewing the information stored in your CRM, they can quickly get up to speed on everything that has already happened, lessening headaches and misunderstandings.

With AccuLynx, all correspondence between a customer and a sales representative — from emails and text messages to contracts and material orders — are stored right in the customer’s corresponding job file. This way, you won’t have to worry about lost or misplaced documents, like a folder left in a truck or information about a job stored on an employee’s phone. Instead, you can be sure that all information is stored in AccuLynx and you can easily share that information with whoever is taking over the former employee’s jobs.

Deactivating an old employees account.

2. Deactivate the old employee and reassign their leads and customers

Keeping your information secure and having a plan for what to do when an employee quits is important. Once the employee cuts ties with your company, you don’t want them to have access to customer information or important business information that could fall into the hands of a competitor.

As an AccuLynx user, once a sales representative leaves, you can immediately and efficiently remove them from your company’s account. All it takes is for an AccuLynx admin to switch the employee’s status from active to inactive in the Admin Panel. Once this happens, your former employee cannot access anything in AccuLynx, on any device.

Once you deactivate a user, you don’t want to forget about the accounts they were working on. Reassigning a new user is easy and should be done as soon as possible, so you know that the potential customer is being followed up on. You can even utilize the Smart Assign feature in AccuLynx that will review data on each salesperson, such as distance to the job, their closing rate, and revenue, to ensure the best sales representative takes control of the lead.

3. Communicate the change to potential customers

Once you’ve secured your business information, it’s essential to communicate with potential customers about the change in staffing. No matter where the prospect is in the pipeline, it is important to have the new salesperson make a phone call to introduce themselves and let the homeowner know they will be taking over the job. This will help encourage potential customers that they can trust you with their roofing job.

When the new sales representative makes the call, mentioning details recorded in the AccuLynx job file from previous conversations can help create a stronger relationship and potentially help close a deal. So have the sales representative look through the job file and become familiar with the different aspects of the job, such as the scope or estimate, before reaching out. This way, they can really understand what is happening and not waste the potential customer’s time.

Keep your information secure with AccuLynx

Employees quit — it’s just part of being a business owner. However, a CRM program such as AccuLynx can help keep your information secure and make it simple and painless to transition accounts to a new employee.

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