Roofing Industry Takeaways from Win the Storm 2020

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Win the Storm is the industry’s biggest conference for insurance restoration contractors, bringing together roofers, insurance experts, sales leaders, technology, and equipment manufacturers under one roof. It’s an educational time for roofers and an excellent opportunity to network with other insurance restoration contractors. A team from AccuLynx attended this year’s edition of Win the Storm, located in Phoenix. Over three days, we talked to tons of roofers, heard about industry trends, and learned about the challenges facing insurance restoration contractors. Here are a few of the takeaways that we brought back with us from Phoenix.

Technology Brings New Opportunities to Roofers

Throughout the roofing industry as a whole, new technology is increasingly being adopted. Roofers have seen the value in using these tools to solve pressing challenges and streamline their work, and technology continues to evolve to meet the needs of roofers. This is true of insurance restoration contractors as well. More and more contractors are using technology to help them win jobs, canvass neighborhoods, and work efficiently.

Technology was all around us at Win the Storm. Anthony Delmedico, the CEO of Storm Ventures Group, has developed a series of training technologies to help insurance restoration businesses prepare their sales teams for busy seasons. His SVG University provides online sales courses for storm restoration roofers to take advantage of, and he’s also pioneered the use of virtual reality training using 3D goggles to give salespeople an immersive experience. With this technology for improving sales performance, roofers can equip themselves for a more productive year.

App technology for roofing continues to expand as well. Roofing software systems like AccuLynx have developed apps to allow insurance restoration contractors to take the power of these systems into the field. AccuLynx’s own Field App enables contractors to access important job information from anywhere, get signatures on the spot, and order aerial measurements. And our mobile Crew App gives business owners the ability to improve communications with their subcontractors and crews by sending them job instructions, directions, and other important details. This new app technology for insurance restoration contractors helps everyone in the business stay on the same page.

Insurance Restoration Roofers are Hungry for Success

Just like the roofers we met at IRE 2020, the roofers at Win the Storm 2020 were facing a diverse array of challenges and obstacles to their businesses. From ways to generate more leads and increase revenue to tactics that would improve their teams’ productivity, these roofers were in search of solutions.

The good news for Win the Storm 2020 attendees was that there were plenty of possibilities on offer to solve these pressing issues. At the breakout sessions, industry leaders presented on topics that covered some of the most common insurance restoration concerns, like dealing with adjustors, increasing sales, and finding new customers. Speakers discussed their own successes and failures in the insurance restoration industry to help other roofers succeed. And on the show floor, attendees could see a wide range of technology, materials, products, and strategies in action and compare possibilities for their businesses.

The team from AccuLynx did our part to help contractors discover new solutions by demonstrating how our software can improve their efficiency and help them increase their profits. In the insurance restoration business, efficiency is essential since the homeowner may have already had a long wait for the insurance company to approve the work. AccuLynx makes it easier to keep track of all the important information associated with a job, so nothing slips through the cracks. Our software shows how your jobs are moving through the pipeline and keeps you informed of where your money is at all times. And with features that reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, like estimating templates, integrations with your most-used third-party apps, and the ability to collect electronic signatures, you can spend more time on selling, doing great work, and strategizing to improve your business.

The ultimate takeaway from Win the Storm 2020? For every challenge that insurance restoration contractors face, there is a solution, and a community of other contractors that are working hard that you can learn from. For insurance restoration contractors who have never attended Win the Storm, consider making it to next year’s show—or another trade show—if you can. The opportunity to network, test out solutions, and learn from others is invaluable. If you’re looking to solve pressing challenges in your insurance restoration business, a trade show like Win the Storm can be an important part of discovering your next step.

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