Roofing Events: 4 Major Lessons We’ve Learned this Event Season

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In the first quarter of 2022, AccuLynx exhibited at 15 roofing events, such as the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans, LA and Win the Storm in Dallas, TX, speaking with contractors about their businesses. Through these conversations, we learned about many things that contractors are struggling with, processes they wish they could improve, and what they are looking for in a technology solution.

Here are four of the most common things we have heard roofing contractors are looking for so far this year:

Roofing Event Lesson #1: Contractors Want Better Selling Tools

Most contractors we spoke to are looking for better ways to sell their services to homeowners. Since many roofing jobs can get expensive, one solution on many contractors’ minds was the ability to offer financing, as part of their estimation process. Financing allows homeowners to pay with a monthly fee instead of a large lump cost right up front, which makes their services feel more manageable. This is also true when contractors are trying to sell updated features to homeowners; by providing them with a cost breakdown, the price will seem more affordable. For example, upgrading from a $15k roof to an $18k roof is a huge expense, but $299 to $359 per month seems much more reasonable.

With AccuLynx, you can provide financing easily right through the job estimate. Once a homeowner receives their estimate, they are offered multiple competitive loan options they can apply for almost instantly, without any effect on their credit. Contractors can provide these financing options without any trips to the bank or extra work on their part. This provides an easy way to help customers afford even the most expensive projects.

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Roofing Event Lesson #2: Contractors Want Improved Customer Service

The customer seemed to be on many contractors’ minds this trade show season. Keeping customers informed and happy is important, but it can also take time. Contractors want a way to quickly notify homeowners about what is happening within a job without it taking up too much of their day. Through effective forms of communication, like automations and texting through AccuLynx, homeowners can stay informed and contractors won’t lose hours out of their days.

With automated messages, keeping your customer informed and happy is easy. You can set up consistent communication that will send out automatically once an event has occurred. This can be anything from reminding your customer of an appointment, letting them know their material orders have been delivered, or if there is a change in the schedule due to weather.

Texting your customer is another way to provide better customer service. Texting removes the possibility of playing phone tag with your customer and provides a convenient way to keep your customers informed. You can automate your text messages, but you can also use two-way texting if you have a quick question or want to send them specific updates on their project or even pictures.

AccuLynx users have the ability to utilize both these features, automations and texting, to help contractors keep homeowners informed about what is happening with their roofs. Not only that, every message sent or received is saved in the job file, keeping contractors organized and aware of what they have been communicating with their customers.

Roofing Event Lesson #3: Contractors Want More Ways to Keep Up with Material Shortages and Delays

It’s not new that material shortages and delays are affecting the roofing industry at a high rate, and keeping up with this hasn’t been easy for roofing contractors. These shortages and delays have impacted everything from companies overhead costs, estimating, scheduling and more. However, with material integrations, it is easier for roofing contractors to keep tabs on what is happening with products through their specific provider and to stay on top of disruptions.

AccuLynx integrates with ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and (coming soon) Beacon Supply, which can help you order with confidence and navigate these material shortages. With their integrations, AccuLynx users can see their specific pricing and product availability by their branch to know what is available and the price associated with the product. This helps improve the accuracy of estimates and even helps contractors find alternative materials if the one needed is out of stock or extremely delayed.

Roofing Event Lesson #4: Contractors Want Streamlined Technology Solutions

We most often heard that contractors are looking for a way to streamline their technology solutions. Over the last ten years, many contractors went from using very little or no technology to relying on many different types of software to keep everything together. Now, contractors are more focused on consolidating their programs and streamlining their processes.

With software that acts as an all-in-one solution, such as AccuLynx, contractors can achieve that streamlined process they are looking for. The robust features and integrations within AccuLynx help contractors move from initial lead to final invoice using a single system. AccuLynx simplifies contractors’ processes from start to finish due to the robust options within the software. Contractors can order their aerial measurements through EagleView or SkyMeasure, easily create material orders that sync up with their preferred supplier, provide financing, and more right from one system.

Watch the recap video from the trade shows AccuLynx has attended thus far.

Roofing events provide a way for contractors to network, learn about new software, and discover new products. Not only that, they help companies, such as AccuLynx, learn what contractors are really looking for. We are excited to see and talk to more contractors in upcoming events such as NTRCA, FRSA, Western Roofing Convention, RCAT, and RoofCON.

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