Investing in Roofing Software: Tips for Navigating Change and Encouraging Adoption

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After hearing about the benefits that roofing software brings to contractors, you decided to take the plunge and start using it for your business. But encouraging software adoption and incorporating it into their everyday work can be difficult, especially if your team has never used roofing software before. How can you help your business navigate this change and start using software successfully?

At AccuLynx, we’ve worked with many roofing contractors as they get up and running on our software, and seen the ways they’ve used it to succeed. Here are some of our best tips for navigating change in your organization and encouraging software adoption.

4 Software Adoption Tips for Helping Your Teams Succeed

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Software Adoption Tip #1: Model the software usage you want to see

One of the most challenging parts of using a new tool or system for your roofing business is transitioning away from old habits. Your current processes and technology usage are familiar and automatic to your teams, and it will take some time for them to adjust to new ways of doing things.

In order to help smooth this transition, it’s important to model roofing software usage for your teams. For instance, if you used to call teams in the field with job updates, but your new software has a place to make notes and updates for each job, start adding the updates to the software system rather than calling. By being an early, enthusiastic adopter of the software, you can help it become second nature to the rest of the business. In addition, modeling the software usage you want to see will provide clarity to your teams about how to make the software part of their everyday work. When teams see you using the software in a consistent way, it gives them an example that’s easy to follow as they start using the software themselves.

Software Adoption Tip #2: Make the benefits clear

Why did you decide to use roofing software to manage your business? The answer is usually related to a benefit that you want the software to provide, such as the ability to work from anywhere, greater productivity, or better visibility into business performance. Your ultimate goal in using roofing software is to improve how you and your teams work in these specific ways.

How 3 Businesses Used Roofing Software to Work Smarter

Discussing these benefits with your teams and getting their buy-in on business goals are important components of encouraging software adoption. Switching to a new technology takes time and effort, and understanding how the software will help them work more effectively will motivate team members to put in that effort. When you set goals for software usage and create a vision for how your business will grow as a result, using roofing software becomes a shared project that helps everyone at your business reap the rewards.

Software Adoption Tip #3: Set aside time for training and questions

Too often, businesses attempt to implement new technology on the fly, without setting aside time for employees to adjust to the changes. This leads to frustration, struggles with the technology, and inefficient processes. Prioritizing time for training is essential to ensure success with roofing software.

Many roofing software systems offer training and onboarding to help you get up and running. Taking advantage of this training will give your teams the foundation they need to effectively use the system. In addition to utilizing the onboarding offered by the software, your business will also benefit if you make time to walk through the new processes and features together. Some people learn better through hands-on experience, so giving them the opportunity to explore the software will help them become more proficient users. Coming together to learn the software also offers you the opportunity to set expectations for how the system will be used. It also provides your teams with the chance to ask questions and express concerns as they work with the new software. This will help you overcome challenges and barriers to usage together, and make sure your teams feel more comfortable with the system.

Software Adoption Tip #4: Choose a software system that’s easy to use

Modeling the software usage you want to see, discussing the benefits, and setting aside time to learn are all important ways to encourage the adoption of roofing software. However, unless the software you choose to manage your business is easy to use and implement, your teams may still struggle to incorporate it into their day to day work.

Selecting an intuitive system means that your teams will require less training in order to use it, and you’ll be able to start benefiting from roofing software more quickly. This is especially true if many people on your staff are more comfortable with pen and paper than software. The easier the software you select is to use, the more likely your teams will be to use it.

AccuLynx was designed specifically for roofing contractors, so it fits in seamlessly with the way you already work. All the features of our software were created to help you manage different aspects of your roofing business more effectively, from generating leads to closing deals to scheduling crews. You won’t need to adjust your processes to use AccuLynx—you can start using it right away. And the AccuLynx interface is simple and intuitive, so everyone on your teams can start using it quickly. There’s no complex training required, and our customer success team is always ready to answer any questions that arise.

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Make Roofing Software Adoption Easier for Your Teams

Adding new technology to your processes can be complicated and challenging, particularly a comprehensive tool like roofing software. However, with the right strategies and right roofing software, your business can start using software quickly, see greater buy-in from your team members, and benefit from improved processes.

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