Roofing CRM Software: the Most Common Questions and CRM Answers

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If you’re thinking about implementing roofing customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business, you probably have a lot of questions. Software systems are complex, and it can be difficult to understand how they would benefit your business if you’ve never used one before. It’s important to get these CRM answers before you make a purchasing decision and implement roofing software.

At AccuLynx, we talk to many roofers as they explore our software and evaluate whether it would work for their business. During this process, we often hear similar questions about the software. Here are just a few of the questions that roofers are asking—and our CRM answers.

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CRM Question #1: “Why do I need software when I already have other tools?”

Your business probably has a lot of tools that you’re using to manage day-to-day tasks. You might have a Google calendar that keeps track of your deliveries and crews, Excel spreadsheets to help you create invoices, and QuickBooks to stay on top of your accounting. Maybe you’ve even adopted some newer technology, like an app for taking and annotating photos of your job. With so many tools at your disposal, why would you need another one?

CRM Answer #1: Roofing CRM software is the ultimate tool

But roofing CRM software isn’t just another tool. You can think of it as the ultimate tool—the one thing you could purchase your business that would put all the rest of your tools in context. With software like AccuLynx, all the information about your business is centralized, organized, and stored in the cloud to make it easily accessible. You don’t have to switch back and forth between several different tools to reschedule a delivery, create an invoice, or keep track of how a job is progressing. It’s all in one place: the software platform. If you’ve found yourself piling tools on top of tools, struggling to get a complete picture of all the information they’re providing, a roofing contractor CRM will help you make sense of it all.

roofing crm software

In addition, AccuLynx integrates with a lot of the tools you may already be using, like QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and SalesRabbit. The information from those tools is funneled into the platform and joins the rest of the software, allowing you to see it in context with the rest of your business performance. So you don’t have to stop using the tools that are already working for you—a roofing CRM will just make those tools more powerful.

CRM Question #2: “Is roofing software really worth the money?”

As a savvy business owner, you know that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. But that doesn’t stop you from balking at the price of software. It seems like a big investment. How can you tell if that money is really worth it?

CRM Answer #2: You can increase productivity and profitability with a CRM

One major advantage of roofing CRM software is the ability to monitor job performance and progress at the click of a mouse. On the AccuLynx platform, you can see which jobs have outstanding payments that need to be made, as well as the status of all your active jobs. You can easily create an invoice with your profit margin built in. With the QuickBooks integration, you can view payments directly in the software platform and maintain awareness of how your business is performing. And with the capacity to order from ABC Supply directly in the platform, you can always be sure you’re pricing materials correctly.

The result? Roofing software actually gives you the capacity to increase your profitability. In fact, your average AccuLynx customer sees a 40% increase in revenue and a 32% increase in job profits after they start using the software. Most roofers find that the higher profit potential they see from managing their businesses through software—and the time they save by streamlining their processes—makes the cost of software more than worth it.

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CRM Question #3: “Can a small business really use roofing CRM software?”

You understand the benefits of roofing software. You’d love for your business to have more streamlined workflows, easily accessible data, and up-to-date reporting. But your office is small—there’s only three of you. Could something as powerful as a roofing CRM really be the right fit for a business like yours?

CRM Answer #3: You’re never too small to start using software

AccuLynx was built for businesses of all sizes. Even small companies find that they’re able to manage their work more effectively with our CRM software platform. The tools on the platform are adaptable, and can be used just as easily by a small business as a large business. No matter your size, you can benefit from using software to keep your business running smoothly.

More than that, small roofing businesses can particularly benefit from using a CRM because it allows them to make the most of their resources. While larger businesses can have multiple people covering one function, small business employees wear many hats and are often juggling several roles. The dashboard feature in roofing software enables small businesses to keep track of job performance and identify opportunities for growth without overtaxing their limited staff. With features like SmartDocs, small businesses can also automate the estimating process and send documents for customers to sign electronically, saving even more time. In some ways, a small business is the ideal customer for roofing software—CRM tools help small businesses stay organized and grow revenue in ways they might not be able to otherwise.

It’s natural to have many questions when exploring a tool like roofing CRM software. But software platforms like AccuLynx fit a wide variety of business needs. So you can rest assured that whatever your concerns, they’ll be addressed. And if you have questions about roofing software that weren’t answered here, we’re always happy to answer them—just reach out!

roofing crm software

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