AccuLynx Joins Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3)

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Conceived as a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry, the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) was visualized by Dale Tyler of National Roofing Partners and Heidi Ellsworth of RoofersCoffeeShop and HJE Consulting, to discuss the future of technology in the roofing industry. As an emerging group of industry thought leaders, RT3 is focused on disseminating technology information, research and updates through group meetings and a newly designed website.


The Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) is a consortium of thought leaders exploring emerging technology solutions for the roofing industry, striving to inform roofing contractors by bringing together progressive and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry. 

The Future of RT3:

Future meetings, both virtual and in person will be shared on the site along with information gathered through RT3 task teams, Tech Talks and guest speakers.

Robotics on the Roof, Virtual Reality and 3D Printing are all topics of interest for the next in person meeting being held in October at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA.

“We are focused on research, understanding and dissemination of technology that can help the roofing industry with labor issues and professional branding,” stated Dale Tyler, president of National Roofing Partners (NRP).


“If we want to compete for talent as an industry, we will need to create an appealing workplace. With our dwindling workforce, we need to be on the front end of innovative technologies that will automate the rooftop. Labor is just one of the urgent business problems that can be addressed with technology.”

“It is about education and initiative to understand and then disseminate new technologies into the roofing industry,” stated Heidi J. Ellsworth. “It is the focus of all RT3 participants to learn as much as possible about new and existing technologies that could be used in roofing.”


“We want to share what we learn and a website is the best way to share with the industry. The meeting at Georgia Tech will be an amazing opportunity to learn about construction technology including virtual reality and 3D printing. We want the RT3 website to be a place to go for roofing technology research.”


RT3 Industry Leaders:

Industry thought-leaders include:

Lynn Foster of AccuLynxManny DeSousa of the Flynn Group of Companies, Alison LaValley of National Roofing Contractors Association, Dale Tyler and Laura Threlkeld of National Roofing Partners, Heidi Ellsworth of / HJE Consulting, Paul Belair of 10X CEO Coaching, LLC, Paul Feezel of, Steve Little of Kpost Company, Tom Whitaker of Harness, Trent Cotney of Trent Cotney, P.A. Construction Law Group, Karen Inman of Antis Roofing, Geoffrey Stone and David Prokop of Metal Forming, Nick Serelis of FCS, Rick Damato of Rick Damato Consulting, William Wilkins of Pointivo, Robert Thompson of Metal-ERA, Josh Kelly of OMG Roofing Products, Rob Foote of Roofing Risk Advisors, Josey Parks of Cognitive Contractor and Brad Beldon of Beldon Roofing Company.

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