4 Things to Consider when Evaluating Roofing Software

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Whether you are a smaller business or a multi-location operation, there are many benefits to incorporating all-in-one roofing job management software into your business workflow. Depending on your company’s goals, you might be looking for a software system to help increase your visibility, enhance your communication with crews and homeowners, or better organize your business as a whole.

In today’s market, there are many different software options to choose from that vary in price and capabilities. When evaluating the different software options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are 4 areas to evaluate:

1. How the software aligns with your business goals and priorities

Knowing what you need and want from your software solution can help you narrow down options. Some capabilities that roofing and exterior contractors generally look for include:

  • tracking leads
  • creating estimates and contracts
  • job scheduling
  • creating and managing orders
  • Invoicing
  • financial management
  • communication
  • reporting

Not every job management software has all the built-in capabilities to manage every aspect of your business, and choosing one that is not comprehensive may require you to use multiple software programs to make up for what your system lacks. This can lead to lost data and inefficiencies due to having to input information into multiple programs. Instead, by investing in an all-in-one system with these features included or direct integrations, your business will run more smoothly from start to finish.

AccuLynx is an end-to-end business management system specifically designed for roofing with many features to help manage your business from initial lead to final invoice. Win more jobs with customer relationship management features, or simplify your communication and stay on schedule with permits, supplements, and mortgage check tracking. With Acculynx’s arsenal of tools, you will win more jobs, stay on schedule, optimize your team performance, take in and analyze data, and so much more.

Job management software with material supplier integrations

2. Whether the software integrates with your preferred material suppliers

Due to inflation and supply shortages, material ordering has become increasingly challenging to manage. By investing in software that integrates with your preferred supplier, you will have better visibility into pricing and create more accurate estimates the first time around.

AccuLynx integrates with three of the top material suppliers in the business: ABC Supply, SRS Distribution, and Beacon Building Products. Being able to order materials through the same software you use to manage your business cuts down on time spent searching and uploading information into different portals or accounts. Also, these integrations provide real-time pricing and availability meaning you’ll always be able to order what’s in stock and price your jobs accurately.

Once you create an estimate, you can convert it into a material order in just a few clicks, speeding up the time it takes to create a material order and allowing you to submit it to your supplier right from your AccuLynx account. After submitting your orders, you will receive updates, including delivery dates and times. Knowing this information is crucial when giving your customers realistic timelines for projects.

3. How easily the software is adopted by team members

A common concern roofing contractors have is whether their employees will use the software they invest in. When evaluating software, think about what different departments will need access. You’ll want to make sure that you are choosing a provider that will be easily adopted by everyone.

Business management software has a reputation for being complicated to use. If you’re not familiar with software—and often even if you are—you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the platform works. This in turn can make employees give up and go back to old organizational habits. Unlike many other software solutions on the market, the AccuLynx interface is intuitive. Even your most “technology-adverse” team members will be able to use it easily. Everything in AccuLynx works the way you would expect it to, and it’s easy to use the features and find all the information you need, making it so your team adapts to the changes with an open mind.

Job Management software with good customer service

4. How your software vendor will support you as a customer

Incorporating new job management software, or switching services can be burdensome. Making sure the software company you choose has onboarding training and ongoing support will set you up for success.

Some lower-cost software systems have limited support, only video support, or you have to submit a ticket online when an issue arises. With AccuLynx, you will be paired with a customer success representative who will help set up your team for success right from the start. You will also be trained on our full set of features so you can start using them with confidence. If you forget how to do something within the software or issues arise, no worries. AccuLynx provides on-demand access to step-by-step “how-to” guides and videos always available in the AccuLynx Knowledge Base, as well as an award-winning tech support team that is available to answer any questions via phone or email.

See how the right job management software can help you reach your goals

Having comprehensive job management software with robust tools and features can help streamline, organize, and better manage every aspect of your roofing business. Whether you want to expand your company or increase revenue, roofing software like AccuLynx can help.

Get a custom demo and see how AccuLynx can help your roofing business reach its goals.

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