The Best Resources for Women in Roofing

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Over the past several years, the roofing industry has seen an increased number of women getting involved in the trade. From field work to running their own roofing businesses, women are proving they can do it all in the exterior contracting world. While women only make up roughly nine percent of the construction industry, there are loads of resources out there to help support and promote growth.

Here are some of the best resources for women in the roofing industry.

National Women in Roofing

With over 1,200 members, the National Women in Roofing organization—or NWIR—was created to help support and advance careers in the roofing world. They provide everything from mentors to seminars to recruitment resources.

This is a great opportunity to help connect female roofers to other women who have created names for themselves in the industry. The NWIR empowers them with the right training and skills to help drive the drive diversity and professionalism in roofing.

National Association for Women in Construction

Founded in 1953, the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) is a network for women in construction and exterior contracting industries.

With chapters all across the continental United States and over 4,500 members, the NAWIC gives women in construction and other exterior contracting trades, such as roofing, resources to get the job done and advance their careers. They provide professional opportunities such as mentoring, the latest industry news and community outreach projects. There are also educational resources including leadership development and career path plotting assistance.

Canadian Association for Women in Construction

Canada has its own organization for roofers, as well. Similar to the NAWIC, the Canadian Association for Women in Construction is designed to provide considerable resources to women in a variety of exterior contracting trades—including roofing.

The CAWIC gives the Canadian construction industry access to professional and educational resources, much like the NAWIC. For everything from new ways to enhance their careers to learning what is new in their industry, the CAWIC has created a way to connect female roofers throughout Canada.

These resources are perfect for connecting female roofers to a larger community. AccuLynx is proud to be a part of that community! As a provider to some of the best roofing businesses, including women-owned roofing companies, we make it easy to manage everything needed on a daily basis. Schedule a demo and see why industry leaders choose AccuLynx.

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  • Rebecca Merryfield
    July 12, 2019 12:47 am

    I just took over a Roof Scaffold business due to illness.
    I would appreciate any and all help I can to get my product out in the contractors world. The business is not with conventional roof jacks. Please contact me for more info, or ideas.
    Thank you


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