3 Digital Tools Roofing Subcontractors Need on the Jobsite

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Access to a digital device, especially a smartphone, is standard for most roofing contractors. In fact, a survey conducted by ConTech reported that 97% of contractors surveyed used their smartphones while at work.

The mobile Crew App by AccuLynx provides subcontractor project management software tools crews can use to update managers on their progress from the jobsite. Here are 3 ways the mobile Crew App can help your company improve efficiency.

Subcontractor project management software keeps digital copies of important documents

Paper copies of essential work documents such as material and labor orders can get lost and ruined, especially on dirty job sites. With AccuLynx, you can save all your important job documents in one centralized digital job file. By providing your subcontractors access to the mobile Crew App, you can eliminate paper files. Instead, you can share relevant documents with contractors from AccuLynx via the mobile Crew App.

In addition to being able to access the job document you choose to share with them, subcontractors can view their job assignments and labor orders in either English or Spanish. They can also access all the details they need for a job. Site location, points of contact, photos and project instructions are all available in the palm of their hands.

Subcontractor project management software provides step-by-step checklists

Many steps need to happen during a job, and some are specific to the job itself. By providing checklists for your subcontractors, you can ensure they take care of all the essential tasks. You can create a customizable checklist for any job, including tasks such as checking gutters for damage or cleaning up the site following the completion of a roofing job. Checklists can be shared with crews via the mobile Crew App. They can mark items as complete and update you in real-time. This allows you to keep constant tabs on what is happening on all your job sites without being there.

Subcontractor project management software organizes before, during, and after photos

For roofing contractors, photos are vital during the construction process. Taking pictures of work at different points during a roofing job helps document work is done correctly. Photos are also an important part of the insurance claims process. They provide a safety net if a homeowner complains about damage that was already there and beyond the scope of your job.

With AccuLynx’s mobile Crew App, subcontractors can capture and share photos right from their mobile device. Once they take the pictures through the app, the images are automatically saved to the relevant job file. Sales reps, managers and other team members can access them and see how the job is progressing at every step.

AccuLynx Mobile Crew App

AccuLynx mobile Crew App

Knowing what is happening on a job site is essential, especially as you take on more work as a result of storm damage during the spring and summer months. Subcontractor project management software, such as AccuLynx’s mobile Crew App, gives roofing contractors a clearer picture of what is happening at their job site throughout the entire roofing project without physically being there.

Learn more about the mobile Crew App and see a custom demo.

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