How to Streamline Your Roofing Software Apps

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From aerial measurement programs to accounting software like QuickBooks, there are so many roofing software apps on the market. While each one has a role to play, cobbling together different software solutions to support your roofing business can create a mess of programs that don’t work well together. This can mean extra time spent inputting data from one platform into another, which takes time and is prone to errors.

Roofing business owner Joe Boyd, used to have this problem. He used multiple roofing applications to run his business Complete Exteriors Roofing and Gutters, such as a CRM/project management system, a photo app, Quickbooks, and more. However, while each program served its purpose, the different systems did not work together efficiently. “There was a lot of repeated data entry that cost my team time and created many headaches,” Boyd said. “Our systems could never sync right, so we would have to input data from spreadsheets into QuickBooks, for example, and then upload it to our CRM.”

But when Boyd attended a custom demo with AccuLynx, he discovered how an all-in-one roofing CRM system could eliminate the need for multiple programs. He switched to AccuLynx because they provided a centralized location for all the tools, features, and integrations to help streamline his business and save time and money. Here are four ways AccuLynx enables you to consolidate your roofing software apps and increase the efficiency of your processes:

AccuLynx Spotio integration

#1: Aerial measurement providers and material supplier integrations

There are many ways to collect measurements and order materials, and many different software programs and services to help make this easier. You can either go up on the roof and collect measurements by hand, or use an aerial measurement provider to help collect your measurements more quickly and accurately. Regardless of what method you use, uploading all the measurements to your material supplier online or over the phone can be tedious and lead to errors from double data entry.

AccuLynx takes this process and streamlines it in a way that helps eliminate errors, create a more effective process, and get measurements, material orders, and estimates out more quickly. AccuLynx integrates with aerial measurement providers like EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure, as well as material supplier partners Beacon Building Products, SRS Distribution, and ABC Supply, so you can do all your measurements and material ordering in one program. This helps streamline the measurement process and reduce errors so you can produce the most accurate measurements, estimates and material orders, in less time.

#2: Customer communication tools

Clear and effective communication across all channels is crucial for running a successful business. By having a standardized way to communicate, as well as a way to track and keep all communication organized, you’ll enhance your customer service and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

AccuLynx has many communication tools that make it easier to keep your customers informed, such as automations and the Customer Portal. Automations are pre-written messages, such as texts or emails, that you can set up to go out automatically once an event takes place, such as a meeting reminder or payment notification. This eliminates the need to manually reach out to customers about recurring events, saving you time.

The AccuLynx Customer Portal also helps keep your customers aware of what is happening with a job in a way that is convenient for both you and your customers. The Customer Portal is a 24/7 accessible online portal where customers can log in and access essential information about their jobs, from estimates and contracts to financing and payments. They can even send and receive notifications through the portal so that all communication will stay in a centralized location, so nothing gets lost or misunderstood. Information is automatically added to the portal as you update it in AccuLynx, so you can keep customers informed without adding extra work to your plate. This feature cuts down on administrative work and helps streamline your communication with your homeowners.

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#3: Built-in payment processing and financing options

Requesting and collecting payments can take a lot of time, especially if you have to collect checks and cash in person and then take them to the bank. With AccuLynx, you can speed up how you collect your payments and provide your customers with financing options so that their jobs will seem more affordable.

AccuPay is a payment processing feature in AccuLynx that allows customers to pay for their jobs online, in person, or over the phone via credit, debit, or e-checks. Instead of traveling to a job site to collect a paper check, you can request a payment electronically and receive it directly in your bank account. This feature also automatically syncs up with your QuickBooks account, so there’s no need for double data entry into different roofing software programs.

AccuFi is AccuLynx’s financing feature that provides your customers with different financing options to help them pay for their jobs and enables you to get paid more quickly. With AccuFi, you can offer your customers the opportunity to apply for financing right from the estimate, and if they qualify, they will have multiple competitive loans to choose from. Once they select their plan, you will be notified, and the money will be deposited into their account, so that there isn’t a delay in payments and you can keep the job moving forward.

#4: Comprehensive and automated reporting

Keeping tabs on your business’s health is essential. By tracking different key performance indicators (KPIs) throughout every season, you can ensure your business stays on track with its goals and catch any problem areas early. Reporting can be done in many ways, such as manually tracking information, such as profit or closing rate, via a spreadsheet. However, with roofing software apps such as AccuLynx, you can easily track data more efficiently and effectively.

AccuLynx ReportsPlus helps roofing businesses track important KPIs in a quick and automated way. With an extensive library of reports, you can choose what is most important to track as a business owner and customize the report to work best for you. In addition, you can set it up so that the reports run, collect specific data at different intervals, and deliver the data to you automatically so that you can spend less time looking for and compiling the information you need.

image depicting how roofing software apps make things easier

Streamline your roofing software apps with AccuLynx

As a roofing business owner, saving time while increasing revenue should be a common goal. While there are many software companies out there that say they will help you do both of these things, sometimes you will find that they don’t work well together. Instead, by investing in a comprehensive software with tools, features, and integrations, you will save time and money while also growing your business without the need for multiple subscriptions.

AccuLynx users save around 9 hours per week per employee and new users increase their revenue by 32% on average once they start implementing AccuLynx roofing software. See how AccuLynx can help save time by streamlining your roofing software apps in a custom demo.

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