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Do you need more time in your day? Instead of spending too much time on routine tasks, roofing contractors want to focus on growing their profits, selling more jobs, and reaching new customers. Many contractors are looking for roofing apps that will help them work more efficiently, increase their productivity, and streamline their processes.

The AccuLynx Field App was designed to give contractors access to the powerful tools in AccuLynx from their mobile devices. This all-in-one roofing app is easy to use, helps your teams work from anywhere, and makes completing everyday tasks simple and fast. As a result, it’s saving contractors hours of work. Here are the stories of how roofing contractors used the AccuLynx roofing contractor app to work more efficiently and add time back to their busy schedules.

The Time-Saving Benefits of Roofing Contractor Apps

Benefit #1: Speed Up the Estimating Process

The estimating process is one area where many roofing contractors want to improve their efficiency. For one roofing business in Oregon, a long estimating process was having a negative impact on their sales teams. Producing estimates and orders was taking too long, and as a result, their sales teams had less time to focus on canvassing neighborhoods and talking to potential customers.

When this roofing company started using AccuLynx to manage their business, they were able to speed up their estimating process significantly. Salespeople could order aerial measurements directly from the AccuLynx Field App to get the most accurate roof measurements more quickly. Those measurements could then be used to populate an estimate in AccuLynx. And once the estimate was completed, it could be sent to the homeowner right away, even from the field.

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Streamlining their ordering process by taking advantage of the tools available in their AccuLynx roofing had a major impact on how the roofing company did business. In fact, the owner estimated that their efficiency increased by at least 30% after switching to AccuLynx.

Benefit #2: Access Information from Anywhere

When contractors are in the field, it can be difficult for them to stay connected with the office. Many contractors find themselves calling or texting back and forth with office staff in order to make sure everyone stays up to date on how jobs are progressing. Mobile roofing apps for contractors help teams communicate more effectively across locations.

One Midwestern roofing company was finding it a challenge to make sure everyone on their teams had access to the information they needed. With teams operating in multiple locations, making job updates and tracking down important information could be a long, drawn-out process. This company decided to use AccuLynx to bring much-needed efficiency to their operations.

By having access to an app for roofing contractors, teams in the field could access the features of AccuLynx from anywhere, including the detailed database of job information. Suddenly, it was easy to stay on top of job updates, access the information needed to communicate effectively with a customer, and make updates from the field that office staff could see immediately.

AccuLynx Roofing App

As the roofing business owner said, “With the AccuLynx Field App, everything my team needs to move a job along is in the palm of their hands.”

Having all this information at their fingertips in a roofing app boosted field productivity across the business and helped teams perform more effectively. As a result, this roofing company could scale and expand their business operations—and quadruple their revenue.

Benefit #3: Seamlessly Track Jobs

How much time does your roofing company spend reviewing the details of a job, double-checking for errors in orders and estimates, or looking back through old messages and emails to make sure a job is up to date? Finding a way to seamlessly track jobs and speed up the administrative process around a roofing job can lead to time savings for everyone on your team.

Since switching to AccuLynx, one roofing company in Georgia has seen the time they spend on tracking jobs and keeping information organized decrease significantly. As one of the business partners explains:

“We went from spending 15 to 20 minutes on each job making sure everything was correct to spending 5 to 8 minutes per job.”

What made the difference? With the AccuLynx roofing app, their team could organize and update job information from anywhere. This meant that everyone in the company had access to the information they needed. It gave everyone on their team greater visibility into how jobs were progressing and the status of their work.

If employees were wondering where a job was in the pipeline, all they had to do was log into AccuLynx or open their AccuLynx roofing app and view the dashboard. Instead of spending lots of time tracking down information, this roofing company could move through administrative tasks with ease and focus their time on other things.

Benefit #4: Serve Customers Efficiently

Completing your roofing jobs involves a lot of moving parts. From material deliveries to meeting with customers, it’s important for every aspect of a roofing job to flow smoothly. Increasing the efficiency of your work not only saves you time on each job, it also improves customer satisfaction and helps you serve homeowners more effectively.

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A roofing company in Mississippi uses AccuLynx to help complete projects more efficiently and improve their customer service. With this roofing app, their contractors on site can:

  • Easily review their daily schedule
  • Access job details
  • View past conversations with customers

AccuLynx helps them stay on top of everything they have to do and be informed when talking to customers. Once a component of the roofing job, such as painting or shingle installation, is completed, team members on site share photos using the mobile Field App so office staff know to follow up with the customer about their satisfaction with the work. In addition, this roofing business sets up tasks in AccuLynx that remind team members to contact customers and communicate project updates to homeowners.

Incorporating a roofing contractor app into their daily work has made completing projects much more seamless, reduced the number of site visits, and improved their customer service.

According to this company’s sales manager:

“Our business has seen more customer referrals since we started using AccuLynx because it allows us to focus on serving the customer well.”

The #1 Mobile App for Roofing Contractors

The AccuLynx roofing app is helping contractors around the country estimate more efficiently, view important information from anywhere, track the progress of their jobs, and improve their customer service without adding to their workload. As a result, they’re saving hours of work on their jobs—hours that they’re using to reach more customers and grow their profits.

If you’d like to learn more about what the AccuLynx roofing app can do for your business, schedule a demo with us today.

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