Roofing Apps: How They Can Boost Your Revenue

A guide to everything you need to know about roofing contractor apps, how they can improve performance for everyone at your company—and most importantly—how they can help you make more money.

What is a Roofing App?

Before we can break down the ways roofing apps can help produce more sales for your business, let’s start by defining what roofing apps are and what they can do.

Software applications designed for use by roofing contractors—on a desktop or mobile device—are often referred to as roofing applications, or roofing apps for short. Many roofing apps help roofers carry out their everyday tasks, such as capturing customer information and photos at a job site, ordering aerial measurement reports, creating an estimate, or communicating updates about a job from the field to the home office.

Roofing apps are being adopted by companies at a record rate because they help employees work smarter. With better organization and access to information, teams can collaborate more effectively and conduct their work in the most efficient manner. And when you have highly productive and effective teams, you ultimately see growth.

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So, what exactly can some of the best roofing apps do for you?

Order aerial measurement reports right from the job site

Every job begins with taking exact measurements of the roof you’ll be working on. Nowadays, many roofing business owners aren’t too excited about their sales teams climbing a ladder just to get measurements for an estimate. This method is not only time-consuming, but it’s also a liability for companies. According to EagleView, aerial measurement reports reduce exposure to falling risks, so it’s no wonder so many roofers are now relying on these reports.

Mobile roofing apps, like AccuLynx, save contractors a lot of steps by allowing them to order aerial measurement reports from providers like EagleView on demand. This way, salespeople have quick and easy access to accurate measurements without having to waste time climbing on a roof. The reports are also stored within your roofing CRM so they can be accessed again.

Prepare estimates from anywhere

The entire sales process starts with giving your customer an accurate estimate of the roof repair or replacement work that your team will be performing. If your estimates take too long to draw up—or are off by a few hundred dollars—you can easily lose a sale to one of your competitors. Vonage Business reported that U.S. businesses lose more than $62 billion every year due to poor customer service. This includes roofing companies that have lost customers due to slow and inaccurate estimates.

Several roofing contractor apps can pull in aerial measurement reports, push the dimensions into pre-built estimate templates and create a dollar amount—all on your phone or tablet. This way the customer doesn’t have to wait 3 to 5 business days for an email with the estimate.

Your sales teams will have greater opportunities to cover more ground when they have the tools to deliver accurate estimates to prospects and close a sale faster.

Create electronic contracts

Once you’ve provided a customer with an estimate, the next step is getting them to sign-off on the potential job. Instead of having contracts just sitting in a queue, waiting to be signed, roofing apps can help seal the deal quicker. According to Docusign, companies that take advantage of electronic contract and signature platforms for sales purposes saw a reduction in turnaround time by over 95%.

The best roofing apps give salespeople the tools to get contracts signed electronically on the spot. Products like SmartDocs automatically import the customer’s information into a document so it can be drawn up in seconds for a customer, helping turn leads into sales. Plus, you have you have secure digital records of your contracts.

Place material orders electronically

Once you have a contract signed, production begins. During the busy season, it’s not uncommon for material orders to get lost in your supplier’s backlog. However, roofing apps make the roof material ordering process seamless so this doesn’t happen.

Some roofing software providers have integrations with roofing material distributors like AccuLynx does with ABC Supply, the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding, windows and gutter products. So, when you’ve secured a new roofing job, you don’t need to pick up the phone to call in an order to your local supplier branch. You can, instead, use your roofing contractor app to instantly place an order to your branch electronically. Using the information from your estimate, you can automatically import that info into your order and submit it in a couple of clicks instead of multiple tedious steps. Contractors who operate this way report less production mistakes and delays, which cost a company money.

Quickly assign subcontractors and crews to jobs

Coordinating schedules for your subcontractors and crews is a pain-point all roofing businesses experience. You have to get access to everyone’s schedules and merge them with your own, which can be messy and make assigning jobs difficult. Apps for roofing contractors, like the mobile Crew App from AccuLynx, allow for easy job scheduling and sharing of information.

These types of roofing apps help you and your crews stay connected throughout projects and communicate efficiently. Not only can it make the process of scheduling jobs less hectic, but it also allows for quicker job completion so you take on more jobs.

Keep teams connected and track job progress

One of the major advantages of a roofing application is that it helps keep everyone in the loop on what’s happening with every job. Greater connectivity among teams has major impacts on productivity. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute reports that productivity improves by roughly 20-25% among employees who interact and stay connected on a regular basis.

Apps for roofing contractors allow you to stay connected to the home office from the field and vice versa. When you can’t be on site, you can use mobile apps to see what’s happening with a job and if it’s still on schedule for completion. From knowing when crews arrive on site to being alerted of any job detail updates to reviewing production checklists, apps keep you in sync so you have more flexibility regardless of where you’re at.

Roofing app features like these don’t just help keep teams connected and production on schedule, they also can aid in driving more volume to your roofing business. By being able to track production progress and completing jobs faster, you can have access to more job opportunities, as well as providing your customers with top-notch service they’ll want to use again.


Getting started with a roofing contractor app might seem intimidating with all of the functionality and features we just discussed—but it’s actually very easy. AccuLynx is easy for anyone at any level to use. Plus, we offer onboarding to get you started, along with free training and live tech support whenever you need it. Get a live demo of the industry’s most widely used roofing app.

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