How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Roofing Business in 2019

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Your smartphone can be used for almost anything these days. From ordering food to getting a lift to the airport, there’s an app for it. So why shouldn’t you be able to run your roofing business from your phone or tablet? Here are some ways roofers can make the most out of mobile technology for their roofing businesses.

Marketing with Social Media

Everyone is on social media nowadays, making it one of your most valuable marketing tools. Social media apps can be accessed from anywhere, making them incredibly convenient.

Say one of the jobs you just completed is top-notch work and you want to share it. Snap a quick picture and post it to your Facebook or Instagram page for all your followers (and potential customers) to see. You can also spread the word for events, special promos or new services using social media.

mobile technology for roofing business

The bonus to these mobile marketing opportunities is the amount of people who will see them. No longer do you have to send out individual emails or snail mail. Instead, you can reach thousands with a single post.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile technology is not just for the company end of your business; it can help make your company more accessible to your customers as well. Have you ever clicked on a website on your phone and only part of it pops up on your screen? In that moment it seems like there is no greater annoyance. Help your customers avoid this nuisance by making your website mobile-friendly.

This will potential customers to see your information in the correct scale, so they will not have to scroll and zoom to find what they were looking for. Making your website compatible with mobile devices means you can make the most of technology because it allows for easier usage and accessibility for your customers.

Access Business Information Instantly

One of the largest benefits of mobile technology is that you can use it from anywhere. You can navigate your company’s website, respond to emails and update social media at any time.

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Mobile devices also have access to the cloud, allowing you to carry all of your important documents and information with you wherever you go. You’ll never forget a document back at the office or have to lug around heavy paperwork again. Having access from anywhere also helps you answer clients questions or show them plans on the jobsite, improving your customer service and leading to a happier, well-informed client.

Having the flexibility to work from anywhere and access your information no matter where you are is a huge benefit to your business.

mobile technology for roofing business

Mobile technology’s ability to simplify the use of your services, connect directly to social media, and provide access to your documents from anywhere make it a must-have tool for your company. Get a demo of the software that will allow you to access your business on the go.

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