How the Best Roofing Apps Help You Manage Your Documents

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Document management takes up a significant amount of a roofer’s time, and the list of document-related tasks can be daunting. Anything that makes it easier and more efficient to deal with paperwork frees up time for roofers to do other things, saves money, and keeps a business running smoothly. Some of the best roofing apps are adding features that can help you manage documents more effectively and keep everyone on your business on the same page. Here are some of the ways that these roofing contractor apps are taking the headache out of document management.

Make and Send Documents In-App

If you have roofing software like AccuLynx, you know that the ability to create, send, and sign documents within the software platform is one of the most helpful features. When you can manage all the paperwork for your roofing business electronically, you not only work more efficiently, you also eliminate the risk of loss or damage to paper documents. And everyone on your team is able to access documents easily, whenever they need. But what if you’re in the field all day? Do you have to settle for old-fashioned paper and pen? Or is there a better solution?

Some roofing software companies are creating roofing contractor apps, making all the key features of their software available on your smartphone or tablet. AccuLynx’s own Field App gives roofers on their mobile devices the ability to use the SmartDocs document management feature. Using SmartDocs, you can create documents from your pre-saved templates, automatically populate them with customer information, and send them electronically to your customers or have them signed on the spot—directly from mobile. You don’t have to wait until you’re back at a computer to manage your documents. With the best roofing apps, you’ll be able to get signatures and create estimates and contracts no matter where you are.

Scanning Documents With Roofing Contractor Apps

Even if your roofing business is trying to manage all your documents electronically, you might not be completely paperless. Whether it’s a customer that refuses to use email, a vendor who’s still doing things the old-fashioned way, or leftover documentation from before you started using roofing software, you may be dealing with more paper documents than you would like. What’s the solution to manage these documents and integrate them with the rest of your business management system?

Many of the best roofing apps offer the ability to scan paper documents using the app. The AccuLynx Field App just rolled out this feature for all users recently. When you encounter a document that’s not in AccuLynx, fixing that is now a simple process. Using your device’s camera, you can “scan” a paper document, convert it to a PDF, and save it in the Job Documents section in AccuLynx. All it takes is a few taps of your finger, and you’ll be able to upload paper documents and store them right alongside your other documents in AccuLynx. This new development can help make sure that all your important information is stored in the cloud, and easily enable you to transition everything you do to a paperless format.

Giving Your Crews Access

Many document management solutions are geared towards office staff or roofing business owners. These employees are very well equipped to handle paperwork using roofing software and other organizational tools. But there can often be a breakdown in the process when it comes to subcontractors and crews. How can you make sure that your crews have access to the information that they need if they don’t have access to your software system? Some roofing businesses communicate job instructions to crews via calls or texts, but the more ways you deliver information, the more opportunity there is for something to get lost along the way.

AccuLynx offers a mobile Crew App that gives subcontractors and crews access to some of the most important information stored in our roofing software. This includes the ability to access documents related to their jobs. With this access, it becomes much easier for crews and subcontractors to stay on the same page as the rest of the business. All job information is kept to the AccuLynx platform, and there’s no need to worry about missed instructions and things getting lost in the shuffle. Communication between your crews, subcontractors, and office staff is significantly improved. The best roofing apps eliminate the hassle of sharing documents with your crews.

Managing all the documents associated with your roofing business can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, roofing contractor apps are helping more and more roofers save time and manage documents more effectively. From the ability to create and send documents in-app, to scanning technology that creates PDFs right from your device, to greater access for your crews and subcontractors, the best roofing apps provide a wide range of solutions for all your document management issues.

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