AccuLynx Full Access: The Best Mobile App for Roofers

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In today’s technologically advancing environment, it’s hard to miss just how much the roofing industry is changing on a daily basis. As the way we conduct our daily lives is constantly evolving, so is the way we manage our business. Mobile apps created specifically for the construction, contractor and roofing industries have emerged as instant-access, niche tools that let you bring your office with you into the field.

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The services and flexibility afforded to roofers with mobile apps are extremely applicable for business activities, and software platforms that provide field-level applications have taken mobile access to your office one step further. By integrating the functionality of AccuLynx with mobile technology, roofers in the field have the same access as their office counterparts, which enables roofing businesses to continue seamless communication, document access and business information, no matter where they are.

The AccuLynx Field App is built for full access to the parts of your business that matter the most. Consider the following benefits of using the free app:

Can’t sleep because you’re worrying about something at the office?

Everyone hates when they can’t fall asleep because they forget if they billed the customer for the right amount, or ordered enough supplies for the next job. The AccuLynx app allows users laying bed in the wee hours of the night to reach over and grab their smartphone to ease their wandering minds. With the mobile app, you can sign in and verify estimates, templates, orders, and invoices. Now you can go back to bed, knowing your crew ordered enough shingles, flashing, and nails for the job tomorrow, and your team is ready.

Did someone say FREE?!

One of the most beautiful words in the English language: “FREE.” With your AccuLynx app subscription, you get FREE access to the mobile app, which allows your salespeople and crews to achieve higher productivity in the field. From checking which jobs you have invoiced, to reviewing activity in the pipeline, all features of the application are at no extra charge to you or your employees. Free features allow you to invest your money back into the direct aspects of your business, such as hiring more salespeople, crews, and office managers. With a free, succinct mobile app ready to help your fieldworkers enhance their performance, AccuLynx’s mobile app is a huge efficiency booster to your entire business.

Do It on the AccuLynx App – and it Magically Appears on the Desktop

One the major benefits of a mobile roofing app is that it syncs directly with the desktop platform. This means that anything you do on the mobile app automatically ties in to the desktop version of AccuLynx. Instead of making your salespeople lug around a heavy laptop, they can download the AccuLynx Free Mobile App on their smartphone and jot down notes, capture and edit pictures, order roofing measurements, build templates with real time supplier data, and place orders from material suppliers. Whatever they do on the app will then also appear on the desktop version of AccuLynx, so the salesperson and crew don’t need to enter data twice. Not only does this minimize the materials your crew and salespeople need to carry around, but it also means that you can check on everything they did, directly from your desktop (or mobile app!).

Location Independence

With a mobile app, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can check on your business anywhere you have internet connection. Whether you are on vacation, at your kid’s soccer game, or on the job site, you can whip out the handy-dandy AccuLynx app and get a bird’s eye view of your entire roofing business. The location-independence feature of mobile apps means wherever you are, so is your business. You may leave the office, but your roofing business never leaves your pocket!

The AccuLynx app allows you full access to the information you need most through its mobile app. Whether your capturing and editing pictures, checking on accounts receivable, or clarifying insurance information, AccuLynx’s roofing CRM allows users full access to their entire roofing business anywhere, anytime.

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