4 Ways Roofers Can Make Money By Going Green


Sustainability is an industry trend that has been gaining support over the last few years. According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC),

“…the green building sector is outpacing overall construction growth in the United States and will continue to rise. Moreover, it’s estimated that green construction will directly contribute to 1.1 million jobs and $75.6 billion in wages.”

As sustainable products become more affordable and available, roofers are taking advantage of these advancements to give options to their customers, capitalize on untapped markets, and gain social currency provided by “going green.”

Offering Sustainable Product Lines and Upgraded Services:

Not every roofing business offers green products, which can give your company an advantage – having a line of sustainable or recycled material supplies gives roofers additional options to offer customers at a premium. In addition to the higher cost of materials, eco-friendly upgrades such as skylights or even solar panels can dramatically increase the labor and material costs of a job, giving roofers a higher profit margin before a project begins.

Roofers can also consider implementing a recycling program. In order to comply with green standards, your business can charge a premium for these services while saving money in dump-fees. You can also advertise your commitment to recycling in your marketing materials, or even on your company vehicles to gain additional social currency and program awareness.


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Enhance Your Brand Reputation

“According to the Network for Business Stability, sales grow by $6 for every dollar donated by a company towards green initiatives.”

One of the greatest benefits of going green is the effect it can have on your company’s reputation. The ability to market sustainable materials, upgraded exterior services and a commitment to green practices can set your business apart from your competition on many levels.

In fact according to SmallBusiness.Chron,

It’s becoming a status symbol to be an environmentally friendly business.”

Take advantage of your offerings, and don’t be afraid to promote your commitment to sustainability – put recycling symbols on your website, transition to a paperless contract system – anything you can to let your potential customers know!  

Customers Support Green Practices

A Nielsen study found that 55% of consumers worldwide would pay a premium for products offered by eco-friendly and socially responsible companies. These consumer claims are also backed up by research of actual sales figures.

Use this to your advantage – selling the long term benefits of green products can help you close more business with like minded people.

Tip: Provide marketing materials on long-term cost savings to the homeowner when they are considering sustainable materials.

Employee Motivation:

Another way you can profit by going green is through the motivation of your employees.

“Nearly 3 out of 4 potential employees prefer to work at a company that supports community causes, when positions are similar” [source].

Employees want to be involved with helping the environment, so giving them the opportunity to do so at work will increase their motivation and productivity. In fact, “Employees who see their employer acting as good citizens are almost 40% more engaged [source]”.

This increase in dedication will help your employees work harder and faster, allowing you to complete more jobs and make more profit.

Changes in technology and developments in the market have made going green a viable option for roofers to not only to break even, but actually profit. Have more ideas on how to “go green?” Share them!

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