How Pacific West Roofing improved efficiency by 25% with AccuLynx

Pacific West Roofing has installed great-quality roofs in and around Portland, Oregon for over 40 years. When Owner Stan Robinson noticed internal processes were becoming more time-consuming, he turned to AccuLynx’s roofing software to streamline their efforts.

Portrait of Stan Robinson of Pacific West Roofing, with company logo

Challenges with other CRM software

Robinson was no stranger to business management technology; before choosing AccuLynx, his team tried 3 different CRM solutions. However, none of these solutions produced the results they were hoping for. “We were spending too much time trying to make these CRMs work for us,” explained Robinson.

Instead of the software making their jobs easier, their workloads with the other solutions had actually increased. Since their previous applications lacked certain project management capabilities they needed, many of their processes were still manual. Robinson continued, “I needed a system that matched the way we worked and allowed us to get up and running quickly.”

Finding software built specifically for residential roofing contractors

After hearing about AccuLynx, Robinson was immediately interested. He liked how AccuLynx was built intuitively for roofers—only business-specific customizations were needed. The most appealing aspect was that they could send a potential customer an estimate, convert it to a contract, and then place a material order, all in just a few clicks.

A laptop displaying an roof management software estimate. Next to it is a phone displaying the AccuLynx dashboard.

“Our other systems were inefficient when it came to producing orders. This would save us a lot of time,” Robinson clarified.

Since AccuLynx was designed to accommodate the needs of residential roofing companies, Robinson and his team were able to get up and running right away.

“Acculynx provides a seamless process for keeping our jobs organized, and it’s easy to get people trained.”

25% increase in efficiency with AccuLynx

With AccuLynx, all of Pacific West Roofing’s customer information—including job documents, messages, and photos—are centralized in a single, digital job file so anyone can see a project’s status. According to Robinson, “I can look at any job and see exactly how it’s progressing, who is working on it, and what needs to happen next.”

AccuLynx has also helped the Pacific West Roofing team produce estimates faster, since data can be auto-populated from the job record. “These simple steps keep our business moving forward,” Robinson explained.

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