How Legacy Restoration quadrupled revenue with AccuLynx

Legacy Restoration is known for providing award-winning storm restoration services across the Minneapolis and Denver metro areas. When Owner Scott Mullins wanted to expand, he took a close look at their technology stack, deciding that AccuLynx would be a better system to help them grow.

Portrait of Scott Mullins with the logo of Legacy Restoration overlapping. Their slogan is

Challenges with other roofing software

Before transitioning to AccuLynx, Legacy Restoration used another contractor CRM and project management system. However, it required them to rework their internal processes and lacked a few key capabilities his roofing company needed, resulting in frustration among staff and poor adoption of the technology.

Mullins and his team grew tired of the amount of time wasted creating appointments, managing insurance information, and tracking job updates. Legacy Restoration needed a more robust and scalable system that better served the needs of their roofing business.

Making the move to AccuLynx

When it came time for Legacy Restoration to take their business to the next level, Mullins stated, “We looked to AccuLynx.” Soon after implementing the software, Mullins could see that their productivity began to improve. Each employee now had convenient access to their job details and were able to better monitor project progress. As a result, communication was now seamlessly streamlined and stored in a centralized job file.

Quadrupling revenue after gaining efficiencies with AccuLynx

Since implementing AccuLynx, Legacy Restoration has quadrupled their revenue and has seen some of the highest production levels in the Twin Cities region. Mullins attributes these results to the time savings found in AccuLynx.

A tablet displaying the AccuLynx dashboard

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