How Hail or High Water Roofing and Restoration Increased Profitability and Efficiency by Switching to AccuLynx

Steve Sims, owner of Hail or High Water Roofing and Restoration, was no stranger to business management software. He had tried different systems, but each time, had difficulty getting his sales reps on board. After he experienced a problem with one of his projects and the customer withheld payment following the job, Steve decided his company needed to find new CRM software to help them better manage their roofing jobs.

In 2020, Hail or High Water Roofing and Restoration turned to AccuLynx. Since then, they have developed efficiencies across the entire business and seen major improvements in job profitability.

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Problems with existing roofing software

Steve found other software difficult to use, since many programs weren’t designed to meet his roofing company’s needs. Without access to the data he needed to run his business, Steve knew that they had to find a better solution.

Hail or High Water(tm) Roofing and Restoration

“Before switching to AccuLynx, we were paying for a software we weren’t really using. I couldn’t pull the reports I needed, or track what was important to me as a business owner.”- Steve Sims | Owner | Hail or High Water Roofing and Restoration

Making the transition to AccuLynx

Implementing AccuLynx was a seamless experience for Hail or High Water right from the start. From their initial onboarding, they were able to get up and running quickly. Some of the key components that really made a difference for Hail or High Water were the various integrations AccuLynx offers.

For example, the sales teams at Hail or High Water use the direct integration with EagleView to order their aerial measurements during the estimation process. Once an order is placed, their EagleView reports are sent directly to their job file in AccuLynx, and can be used to automatically populate their estimates, helping ensure they are ordering the correct amount of roofing materials.

“With the EagleView integration in AccuLynx, I can order a report, create an estimate, and schedule a job in five minutes,” explained Steve.

Hail or High Water’s favorite AccuLynx features

Three of Steve’s favorite features within AccuLynx are the lead management tools, the workflow customization options, and the integrated payment processing tools.

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Lead management

Hail or High Water uses the lead management tools in AccuLynx to accurately identify the source of every new lead that comes into their pipeline. And thanks to the reporting features, Steve can analyze his marketing spend and understand his cost per lead and closing percentages by channel.

These features helped save Hail or High Water tens of thousands of dollars on their marketing budget.

Workflow customization

The workflow customization features in AccuLynx enable Steve to ensure his sales team follows a consistent process that works for their business. Now his reps have a checklist of items to complete for each job, which has helped reduce questions and confusion across his sales team.

These features helped cut sales training time and streamlined what he once considered inefficient processes.

Digital payments

Another feature that has been a “game changer” is AccuPay. By offering credit card and ACH payment processing, Hail or High Water is able to save hours of commuting time between customers’ homes. Now they are able to request payments by email and process them electronically.

This feature allowed reps to spend more time closing deals and helped ensure payments hit the company’s bank sooner. 

AccuLynx’s impact on Hail or High Water’s business performance

AccuLynx has permitted Steve to take a real look at his business and stop confusing activity for achievement. With better insight into his processes and performance, along with the standardization provided by checklists, automations, and integrations, his teams’ efficiency has dramatically improved along with Hail or High Water’s yearly revenue.

“Before AccuLynx, we were working 70+ hours a week. Now we are saving 12-16 hours on every job.”

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