ABC Supply and AccuLynx integration

Order from your favorite supplier of roofing materials without having to leave AccuLynx. Our integration with ABC Supply simplifies and streamlines the material ordering process for roofing contractors.

A laptop display the integration of ABC Supply and AccuLynx on the web site.
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About ABC Supply and AccuLynx

ABC Supply is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and vinyl siding materials in the United States. AccuLynx has partnered with ABC Supply to simplify the ordering process for contractors.

Estimate more accurately

With the ABC Supply integration, real-time pricing and available products are visible within AccuLynx, so you can have confidence that you’re adding accurate pricing to your estimates and ordering materials that are in stock. If there are any changes to material costs in ABC Supply, the updated prices will automatically be reflected in AccuLynx.

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Get your materials faster

Turn estimates created in AccuLynx into digital material orders and place those orders directly with your local ABC Supply branch. All it takes is a few clicks to get the materials you need—no need to print out, fax, or call in orders.

Want to see how AccuLynx’s integration with ABC Supply works?

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