How Software Can Help Grow Small to Medium Roofing Businesses


Technology applications for the construction and exterior remodeling industries have come a long way, even within the last decade. Innovative new products, materials and safety applications have begun to shape a new era for residential roofing contractors, opening the door for more entrepreneurs to start small and grow into multi-million dollar companies very quickly.

In a competitive industry, ambition and skill can take a business far, but roofing business owners need to differentiate themselves in order to remain competitive and see continued growth.

As the owner of a small to medium roofing company, getting yourself on the map can be a tricky and frustrating process. For new companies, implementing programs that allow you to streamline your processes, access your files, communicate with your team and track your expenses are critical to getting you up and running – and keep you running for the long-term.

Investing in CRM Software:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms can help roofers manage and organize their business operations. Everything from documentation, cash flow, schedules and material orders can be managed from within these platforms, and can give roofing business owners the flexibility to carry their office anywhere.

Using cloud-based software programs also helps keep teams organized through automated processes, instant updates and notifications.

CRMs offer a range of services with varying levels of cost. It’s important for new roofing companies to weigh their needs with their available options in order to make the right investment for their company.



5 Steps to Choosing Contractor CRM Software For Your Business

Before you start looking for a software solution, it’s important to get your team together and nail down what they are looking for. That way, you’ll find the roofing software that’s best for you.
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Benefits of a CRM For Small Businesses:

Organization is ultimately what a CRM can bring to a small business. Consolidating operations onto a single platform can connect your team, help manage your files, and ensure that business operations are being met in a cohesive, streamlined set of processes.

Features of roofing software often include:

  • Creating efficient workflows for incoming leads and customer production schedules
  • Paperwork automation and instant updates
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Material Ordering
  • Integrations with roofing industry vendors, like aerial measurements, photo annotation, and lead canvassing.
  • Keep communication lines open across the entire company

Training Your Team:

Committing to a CRM is only the first step. No software program will work for you if you can’t commit yourself and your team to learning how to use it. Get trained, learn how your software works, and put it to work.

Scaling Your Operations:

As your roofing business grows, it’s important that the systems you have put in place are scaling along with you. The ability to add and remove users, or even full crews can help your operations continue to run smoothly, even as your business changes.

Adding on Features as You Go:

CRM platforms often offer integrations with material suppliers, aerial measurement providers, eSign, lead canvassing and accounting systems. Small businesses don’t need to get overwhelmed by features and pile on the programs all at once – see how you use the software, and as you grow, add on the features and functions that support your expansions.

Watch Your Profits Grow:

Continued growth of your roofing business will depend on how you operate and execute the necessary processes behind roof and exterior installations. The modernization of organization and communication practices will have a lasting impact on your business, and facilitating those with CRM software can help your roofing business continue to stay on track.

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