5 Roofing Technology Tools Your Competitors Are Already Using

Competition within the roofing industry is at an all time high. Thanks to new technology, roofing companies of all sizes have already laid the foundation to streamline their processes, win more jobs, expand business operations, and grow their profits this year.

Implementing the right technology now can have a huge impact on your business this season. AccuLynx has helped thousands of roofing companies just like yours grow profits and outshine the competition on every level.

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In this guide, we’ll reveal 5 technology tools being used by successful roofing businesses and share:

  1. How technology can provide roofing contractors with a competitive advantage
  2. Which technology tools the leading roofing businesses are using to drive growth
  3. Characteristics of the best roofing technology

Technology has helped many roofing contractors navigate challenges and drive greater business growth. Contractors who take advantage of business management software tools experience a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • The ability to do business from anywhere
  • Improved customer satisfaction

The right technology gives contractors the ability to be more efficient and profitable.

Here are the 5 tools roofing contractors are adopting at an increasing rate to stay competitive

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Roofing Technology #1 CRM Software

Customer relationship management, or CRM, software helps roofing contractors manage their sales pipeline from a centralized, cloud-based location.

Running a business using paper files is inefficient and error-prone. Customer relationship management software keeps your sales information organized and accessible from anywhere.

With a roofing CRM, everyone in your company has visibility into a job at every step of the process. More contractors are using CRM software to save time and improve collaboration so their business can scale.

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Roofing Technology #2 Email & Text Message Automation

Email and text message automation saves roofing contractors time by automating standard messages to team members and customers.

Emails and text messages make it simple to stay in touch with teams and customers. From appointment reminders to post-job surveys, your most frequently sent messages can be automated. In fact, 78% of customers respond to texts in 10 minutes or less.

Automations keep important information from falling through the cracks and ensure you never forget to reach out to your contacts. Leading contractors find that using automations saves time and improves their communication.

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Roofing Technology #3 eSign

Digital or electronic signatures make it easier for roofing contractors to obtain customer sign-off to keep sales moving along.

Instead of driving across town to collect signatures on estimates or contracts, roofing contractors can give customers the ability to approve documents with a legally binding digital signature. You’ll save time and money, improve customer satisfactions, and have an electronic copy of the signed document for your records.

With an increase in remote work and growing customer demand for digital service option, more contractors are using eSign to get documents approved from anywhere.

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Roofing Technology #4 Online Payment Processing

With online payment processing, roofing contractors can collect payments fasters and increase convenience by giving customers the option to pay online.

With online payment processing tools, debit and credit cards or ACH transactions can be processed from anywhere.

Contractors no longer need to worry about lost checks or trips to the bank. You’ll be able to access your funds faster, helping you reduce the number of outstanding invoices and improve cash flow at your roofing business.

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Roofing Technology #5 Reporting

Reporting tools design for roofing contractors can help you understand performance and make adjustments to your processes for greater growth.

Establishing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) helps you manage your short- and long-term business goals so you can understand what’s working and where you need to make improvements.

Simple reporting tools designed for roofing can help you stay on top of roofing businesses KPIs. Contractors looking to make smarter data-driven decisions use reporting tools to gain insights into how to make business more efficient – and ultimately more profitable.

Acculynx has all the tools a roofing contractor needs to outperform their competition

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AccuLynx’s simple business management tools include CRM, email and text message automation, eSign, online payment processing, reporting, and much, much more. Our software has helped thousands of roofing contractors streamline their processes, grow their profits and expand operations.

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